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Monday, July 17, 2006

Put Yourself in Zidane’s shoes (or head for that matter)

What would you do if someone insulted your family, esp someone who is already not in this world? What if he insulted you at the time when you are most tensed and agitated? What if he insulted you right in front of the whole world? Would you have done what Zidane did? Would you head-butt him in the chest if you head is hard enough?

It is Zidane’s last match after years of playing the World Cup and it is such a pity that his career ended with a wrong move. But who is to determine that the move is indeed WRONG!?? Would you have done the same in the same situation. Zidane has been known as someone who is calm and level-headed, but even the calmest person has his/her boundaries. So, with that one move, he had bequethed France from the throne called the World Cup 2006 that only happens once every 4 years. But everything happens for a reason. (For me to win my World Cup bet :P)

I doubt I would do the same in that situation but I was not in it. Things are easy to say when you are not part of it. Just think, it is easy to complain of what Zidane did was wrong esp if you were betting big money for France until one day someone insults your bereaved mother over and over again. Also, it is easy to complain of the state of the country until the day you step into the Prime Minister’s shoes and wake up to multiple problems heralding you: former Prime Ministers mocking you, world leaders asking you to help in their under-development, politicians politicking among themselves, wars & terrorism erupting all around the world and the police force ganging up to go against you. So, always remember to stop complaining and try understanding the situation before judging.

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