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Friday, July 21, 2006

Jealousy is the Worst Medicine

My friend’s husband received a birthday card from his former girlfriend. Well, since she did such a nice gesture and remembered his birthday, will it be wrong for him to call her to say "Thanks" with the conversation ending up with an invitation for drinks? Besides, had she not sent him the birthday card, would he have remembered she exists. Besides, it is only a harmless drink 1 time.

So, as a wife, how would you feel? A tinge of jealousy? Will your heart cringe with the mere mention of her name? Will you be forcing yourself to tell your head over and over again that it is a simple drink and nothing will happen? What if he comes home late? Will you question him on what took him so long? Why would he have not invited you along in the first place? The conversation might go like this:

Wife: Wow, you guys had a lot to catch up huh? (with some cynical tone)
Husband: What do you mean by that?
W: Well, it took an awfully long time for a drink. Come to think of it I have never had such a long drink with you since we got married.
H: Are you accusing me of something?
W: No, but what do you expect me to think? You could have done so much in that 3 hours!
H: See, I told you that you will not trust me if I do go out with her. So, why did you allow me to meet her in the first place?
W: I knew that you wanted to even if I had disallowed it.

This would have gone on….but in matters of trust, can you ever trust enough? If you do not trust your husband, your marriage is doomed. But if you trust your husband too much, would he have taken the opportunity to roam elsewhere freely?

If I were to reverse the situation to a husband allowing his wife to meet his ex-bf or ex-crush, would it have been the same? I believe male tend to not think so much and trust their wife more. Else, why would he have married her in the first place? Well, but I doubt the male don’t feel jealous at all just that they are able to control it better and not suspect until he really see evidence. So, the conversation will turn like this:

H: So, how were drinks?
W: Great, we caught up on lots of things. He was so funny, blah, blah, blah,
H: Good (and continues watching television)
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