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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Business & Work Singapore Style

Life' a Bitch. And I do not mean it literally. It really is a bitch here and to survie, u gotta be a bitch. U gotta be strong, nimble and fast.

Many a times, I thought I did a good job, but people would still bitch. Cos why? It is their favorite past time here. Too nice and u get stepped all over. Too bitchy, and everyone else bitch about you.

Why does everyone talks business or work around here? Cos that is all there is in their mind, to the point of making friends. Every discussion leads to a business deal, every point made leads to making money, every meet up leads to opportunities. People are boring but interesting at the same time. There is no talk, only action.....breathless alr?

In Malaysia, you can still afford to walk leisurely and talk emptily to your friends, but in nah, not here in Singapore. At least not for me. Just to even catch up with their latest technology leaves me breathless and that is how this country became so advanced.

Well, I am still enjoying it so far as it gives me that extra challenge and kick. But I have to learn hard to be a bitch. ANd the best part is I gotta do it alone. People are nice here but when you need to compete among one another, being nice is only on the facade. So, I learnt independence. I learnt strength. And most important of all, I learnt power. One day, all this will culminate into something bigger and more meaningful, something loving and peaceful. And I am going to use it as the most powerful weapon of all.

While getting a deal for content management with a business owner who wants me to write for her to update her website and to tap into new branding strategies, I speak to her as a friend with smiles all around. As we went along the conversation, she started to say how bitchy she will turn into if I do not get my things done. She even stressed how she enjoys being a bitch. So, as her client, I agreed to follow her timeline as I for one pride on delivering results too. Her sweet demeanour belies her bitchy attitude, or is it just a facade she puts on to succeed in this rough, competitive country? I believe it is just a facade. She can't possibly be that bitchy. SHe must have had it tough to learn to not be stepped on by others. But I do not blame her, else she could not have gotten her award as the Spirit of Enterprise (a prestigious award to honour successful entrepreneurs and SME owners in Singapore).

So, here I am dealing with this bitchy world of the unknown. How exciting :)

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