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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Remember When Your Dreams Came True?

Michelle Kwan, the ever graceful ice-skater from US did it. So did Michele Wie from Korea who won so many golf matches, even guys could not beat her. What did they do? Their dreams came true from all their hard-earned sweat. Hopefully, something I can relate to in the near future. Enjoy the song sung by LeeAnn Rimes called:

Remember When

Do u remember your imagination
Whatever land was your destination
Our magical adventure wouldn't know the ends
Just hold on tight and don't forget


Every wish, every dream u ever had
Close ur eyes
It will all come rushing back
Fly away
All u need is to believe
And remember when

You never know where your dreams might take u
So keep them safe and sound
Don't let the hatred wake you
Feel the sweet memories and carry you away
Just get lost in yesterday

Repeat Chorus

So granted in your innocence
You are thrown and left behind
And reason shadow is inside

Repeat chorus

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