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Monday, October 30, 2006

Me? A Model?!!!

Unbelievable! I was spotted for modelling by a talent scout. Beguilingly but flattered, I went for the interview in Takashimaya Tower that explained to me the mechanics of the freelance modelling. It was a big ego boost when I was told that I was selected & all my training expenses will be paid for. Imagine talking to this slender, porcelain face model-wannabe interviewer who told me how presentable I look when I always thought I could lose a few inches off my tummy and to have bigger breasts besides a sharper & slimmer nose, and the list goes on, you get the idea. Female! ;)

No I am not insecure but in the midst of these beautiful leggy Singaporean girls who does facial and body wraps at least once a fortnight, I can’t help feeling a little inferior but fuck them, I have brains, beauty and benign sweetness so who cares. Maybe Mediacorp is looking for the unconventional girl next door with a square jaw and small slit eyes. Listening to the saccharine sweet bimbo-sounding interviewer explain the modelling business made me think I hope to not lose my brains and intellect if I was ever to be in the business. Sometimes I wonder do they even know how brainless they sound. No offence to all the beautiful models as I know some beautiful models w€ho are extremely intelligent, aka Charlize Theron.

I like one of Rina Omar's(famous for her opionionated articles on the Star & NST and now 8TV) quote who got tongue tied while hosting 8TV's quickie who said how the thick hairspray is clogging her brain cells. Which is true, I feel the thicker your makeup the smaller your brains.

Finally I heard the catch, that I am required to buy THEIR set of make-up, costing an exorbitant $550 from two well-known brands which unsuprisingly I have not heard of. When I tell them tat I alr hv my own make-up, they told me my commercial make-up will get smudged and will not cover all the oil patches under the harsh camera lights. What happened to my presentable face?! On top of that, I have to get myself a pair of at least 3-inch stilletos. What! I have not even tried one in shoe shops let alone buy one to wear on a raised catwalk platform. Fortunately I am not forced to buy THEIR brand of stilletos. All these sound like a make-up sales tactic to me. But to some girls who long for the coveted chance of appearing in the limelight for payments of up to 5-digits, $550 for make-up could be nothing. So shld I take the opportunity and stand a chance to be Sg's next top supermodel? Haha. U must be dreaming! The ego boost was well worth it for a while ;)

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