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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Beautiful Pearl Jewellery

I had to adorn these beautiful pair of grey freshwater pearl earrings before I pen this article. It came in a beautiful wooden colored plastic box compliments from the creator of this website. I had to know how it feels like to wear special earrings like these before I pen anything about it. The studs were made of 14K Gold and the pearls are of size 7 - 7.5mm.

I was fortunate as I had a few outings which I wore my beautiful black and navy dresses just to match these earrings and found myself feeling classy and elegant. When I saw another beautiful lady donning a similar colored pair of black pearl earrings, I was convinced that my level of style has risen up a few notches. Wearring gold and silver dangling earrings are loud and fake even but donning a pair of classy pearl earrings is a symbol of classic simplicity. Elegant and poised, I donned a bun to ensure my earrings are visible and found people noticing them immediately. Not only is the make of the earrings of high calibre, the high quality shines through, making one feel so much more classy and feminine.

Sold at a wholesale price, all items here are sold with free delivery. Items like black pearl necklace, akoya pearl necklace, freshwater pearl necklace are their hottest selling items. It also has pearl bracelets and earrings to match. The pearls come from Japan

I am now tempted to get their bracelets as it is made of the same high quality pearls. Thanks for the earrings and this pair will be my good friend for a very long time.

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