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Thursday, November 06, 2008

A Historical American Dream - Barrack Obama

5 November 2008 - Today will be marked as one of the greatest history of mankind. And I am proud to be alive to witness it. It is indeed a revolutionary celebration as we welcome Barrack Obama, the first African-American to step up onto the President podium of the United States, replacing President George Bush as the 44th President of the United States.

Speaking like a true blue American whose dream has just came true, Barrack Obama personify the return of the "American Dream", that anything is possible! Only in a country like United States that something like this can happen. I doubt it will ever happen to Malaysia that one day a Chinese or Indian will be elected as the Prime Minister of Malaysia. If that is to happen, hell might turn over!

Barrack Obama spoke with so much sincerity and optimism one could cry. It represented the rise of the middle class and that if he could do it, anyone can. He stepped up to the plate, fully aware of all the promises he made and challenges ahead, knowing that it will not be a bed of roses. Hence, he pledged help from everyone to help him achieve everything he said he will achieve and to know that "Anything is Possible". Chants of "Yes, we can!" were heard throughout his speech emphasizing that the impossible can indeed happen. And I am proud to be sitting here witnessing it in front of my eyes.

So, why would I vote for Barrack Obama if I had the chance to vote? He represented what everyone ordinary wants to be. To be extraordinary in the face of extreme challenges. Also, he made me feel that everyone can achieve their dream if they try hard enough. He gives people the feel-good factor (like a male version of Oprah) and that the power is in your hands. That you can dream and achieve your dreams again. So while I'm basking in the high (or hype) of my nominated President being elected, let's work together to bring meaning to war and hope that this great man will be able to make this "change". :)


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