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Friday, December 31, 2010

Resolutions for Year 2011

Yes, I know year 2010 is ending and I can't wait with a little trepidation for year 2011 to arrive. And I hope it will arrive with merriment and splendor.

So, what does this mean, yes, you guessed it right! Resolution time. If year after year in Singapore, I have not made many resolutions, next year should be different. Not that I am more disciplined to make resolutions but I have a different perspective in life after what I went through in 2010. So, I have briefly summarised my resolutions to 3 points so that it will be easier for me to achieve.

1. Be grateful. People who are grateful are humble and contented. When you are truly grateful, your focus is on the good. You begin to focus on the good in other people, thus you will not be comfortable gossiping about other people since you do not want to compare yourself with others. When you think of something you do not have or own, you will think about what you DO own and be appreciative of it. Finally, grateful people are encouraging. They see the positive side of things and makes others feel good about themselves. There are so many things I can be grateful for thus I shall remain in my happy thoughts which brings me to my 2nd resolution.

2. Be happy. Life is short, so why waste it on sad moments. After watching so many funny Taiwanese series, I have resolved to enjoy humor and to see the funny side of life. So, when things are down, no matter how hard, I will try to see the lighter side of things. So on contrary to others, I shall not push myself too hard since that has always been what I have been doing for as long as I have lived. I am going to go easy on my exercise, haha, I might even gain some weight. I will not push myself too hard if I do not achieve enough at my career cos I have been working way too hard since I started working. I will continue helping others cos giving makes everyone happy. And many many more :)

3. Be alive! I have not really lived since I have been too worried to do so. So, this year, I will start living. For example, I have booked 2 trips in January 2011 after not being on any holidays in the whole of 2010. I have made a resolution to EAT healthily, and I realised a lot of my favorite food falls into the category of healthy food that is good for me (as long as I eat moderately), eg. peanut butter, butter, cereals, muesli, fish and many more. Finally, I will definitely balance work and life. I now know the most important thing in life is health and there is no point sacrificing your health for rewards at work. I definitely will take care of my health and hope I will emerge stronger and fitter next year!

So stay tuned while I update you on my trips and adventures in 2011!

Quote of the Day:
Fear does not stop me from trying...
Hardship does not stop me from giving up!
- quoted from one of my idols in the Taiwan entertainment scene whom I am too 'haisioh' to tell ('haisioh' means shy in Mandarin)

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