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Sunday, April 18, 2010

When in Rome - My Review

I have been taking my virtual trips to a few countries recently like Kyoto and Rome while still being in Singapore. I was excited to see the view of Rome from a large cinema screen when the movie 'When In Rome' came into the cinemas. Plus seeing the sweet and affable Kristen Bell and the tall and dashing Josh Duhamel zoomed on a large screen doesn't hurt either.

In every movie, the part I liked the best is the beginning, how they captured the essence of the movie through a short introduction that will give you a prelude to the entire movie. The beginning of a movie sometimes is really important as it sets the tone and mood for the next 2 hours. It is like hearing the beginning of a song and knowing that I will or will not like it. And definitely the background music makes a huge impact to enhance the introduction.

The beginning of When In Rome did not disappoint, in fact showing Rome and Italy followed by New York in a bunch of revolving postcards set the tone of the places the viewers will see in this movie. And when the scene juxtapose to scenes of the face of the President on a Romanian coin being tossed into water and finally we see the statue in the Fountain of Love which leads you to the main protagonist of the movie. Yes, the intro of this movie is enchanting, unlike the typical girl running on treadmill and choosing her work attire before going to work. Finally, the intro pans to the scenes of illuminating lights on skyscrapers of New York where the movie begins.....

We are then brought into the Guggenheim Museum with its eccentric but impressive artifacts like flying wolfs on ceilings and luxury cars being hung from the top of the museum to the ground floor which is the location in which almost the whole movie is filmed. As this movie revolves around an art curator who loves her work more than falling in love, I am reminded of myself as the protagonist again. (Why are all love comedies now based on female leads who are strong and workaholic nowadays? There must be a fascination for these type of women.)

And in the movie, she finally fell in love with someone who made her loved him more than her work, the exact kind of guy she was aiming for. Josh Duhamel acted quite convincingly as a goofy and careless guy who gets into accidents wherever he goes. Even though in real life he must be the exact opposite, he was pretty endearing in the movie. And who wouldn't love a man who looks like this? ;)

This is definitely a movie worth watching for its canniness, its magic and the beautiful cast. The other 4 guys whom Kristen Bell puts spells on by taking away their coins from the fountain of love contributes the comic relief. Among all the guys, Danny Devito is the only one worth loving, even though the rest did help her make it to be with the man she loves. Another light-hearted movie for the hopefuls in love.


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