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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Taste Like Home - Buttered Bread

I was reading an article on The Star about how most people use Maggi Mee as a food that reminds them of home. That their parents used to cook Maggi Mee for them whenever they are hungry. Thus, their inclination to wipe up a bowl of Maggi Mee whenever they feel homesick.

My homesick food would be a plain simple Buttered Bread. Why? Cos I am sucker for bread. Everytime I walk past a bakery when I was in Australia, I would soak up the aromatic smell of the dough from the bread being heated in the microwave. And I still miss those dearly. In Singapore, the closest I can get to that is from BreadTalk which has fantastic bread by the way. But the best has to be the simple butter bread my dad buys from the bakery and puts onto the table for my breakfast every morning. All I do is spread more butter or condensed milk onto the bread and dip the bread piece by piece into a hot cup of Milo before savoring it. Hehe, do I make the bread sound so appetizing? My mom is good at picking this little details out and has since buy butter bread every time I go home to Malaysia during the weekend. The power of mother's love.

I also remember how I used to eat bread only for lunch as I was trying to budget my expenses while studying overseas and will always look forward to buying my long loaf of bread. (The loaves in Australia is generally longer as the cold weather allows you to keep the bread longer). I would toast the large slice of bread for 1.5 mins and immediately spread generous amounts of salted butter on it while it is still hot so that the butter melts into the bread, making it soft and delicious. Till today, I still miss the incredibly better tasting bread and milk in Australia.

So, whenever someone says they had buttered bread for breakfast, don't think it is due to lack of choice. A lot of people associate bread and butter with the lack of economic standing. I for one actually choose bread over rice if I can help it. I love my dough! And Paris will always have the best chocolate croissants. I know ;)

So, what is the food that reminds you of home?


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