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Monday, July 20, 2009

Butterfly Fly Away - Being A Single Parent

I just watched Hannah Montana The Movie on a plane on the way to Manila. Watching a movie like this on the way to a journey just intensifies the emotions. Most importantly, this movie not only touched me to tears, it left an indelible mark in me towards single parents. One should watch it for the beautiful, idyllic sceneries that was potrayed in the serene hometown of Miley Cyrus, such a contrast from Los Angeles where she comes from.

There is no power stronger than the love of a father. In one scene when Miley Cyrus was changing between her two personas just to go out on a date with the guy she likes, this action irked her future stepmom. As the stepmom ordered her to stop, her father, Billy Cyrus defended Miley and found himself being left by his new lover but it was all worth it. That is the sacrifise he is willing to put himself through for his own daughter so much so that noone else comes first.

It amazes me how a kids movie like that has such a meaningful and deep message and evoked such strong emotions in me. He single-handedly raised 2 intelligent hyperactive children who are now willing to do anything for their father.

I found myself being in the same scenario as I was being pursued by a single father in Singapore two years ago. He was fair to me by being honest about his status very early on and I was fair by telling him that I have a long distance relationship. When he mentioned that he has 2 children at home and that he is going through a messy divorce, that didn't stop us from being friends. What I did not know was that he treated me more than a friend. It is only later that I realised the impact I had on him, his children and his ex-wife. It breaks my heart to hear his daughter calling him on his cellphone asking where he is and when he will be back while I am nicely having a sumptuous dinner or jungle trekking (our fav activity) with him. He did not rush home to be by his children and comforted them through his cellphone. When I asked why he did not go home to his children, he told me he needed a break from his kids as well as the complicated divorce procedures. It was then that I felt I was the only escape he had.

Being a single parent is never easy. I admire those who could do it, not out of their own willingness though. What I am afraid is I am this close to being one myself too.

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