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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

He's Just Not That Into You

Funny how these four amazingly gorgeous ladies will get guys who are just not that much into them in the coming-soon movie 'He's Just Not That Into You'. I mean, which male with the sane mind will reject these gals and then prefer not to commit, hoping to find someone better? Scarlett Johanssen, harlow? Anyway, I am a believer that if a guy is really not that much into you, they will not do things they do not normally do for a girl. This is one of my litmus test before I start any relationship. If he is too lazy to pick up that phone to call, he is just not worth the trouble. And if he did call but cancels or postpones the appointment, yep, put on your red or yellow lights. If he does date you but sends you home early just to hang out and watch soccer with his guy pals without prior notice, yes, the guy can be dismissed to no second dates list.

So, yes, I am bracing to watch this movie with my gal pals just to see if the movie really gives 4 real life scenarios of how to avoid committing to guys who are just not that much into me. Even though I have been there and done that, it is fun to relive my childhood adventures all over again. As they all said, it is always better for the guy to love you just 1 - 2% more than you do.

Now, when I do produce another movie entitled 'She's Just Not That Into You', these will be the traits the female protagonists should look out for:

1. He Knows What He Wants - having someone who knows what he wants begets respect and allows you to discuss with him your goals individually and collectively. At least you both have a guideline of how you can help each other achieve your goals which makes an important part of life.

2. He is Positive and has a Sunny Outlook - this makes the relationship much easier in times when things are down as he will be able to make the best of it. A shared sense of humour is so crucial in a relationship.

3. He is open to change for you - Be with a guy that will change for the better of the relationship, not changing his whole self and values that he does not feel like himself anymore. He must have the capacity to transform and grow with you.

4. He Introduces You to His Friends - A relationship does not revolve around the couple only, thus by having him feeling proud of showing you off to his friends shows that he will be able to take you down the aisle and feel proud about it.

5. He is Responsible with Money - Very important to me as money is the biggest reasons of arguments and disagreements between couples. If he is willing to put aside a stash for family and for tough times, you found yourself a keeper(all of us need to have some sense of security), not someone who spends all his money drinking and gambling.

So, there, the movie review coming up next.


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