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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Movie Premiere of Wedding Game

Walking down the aisle towards the gold class cinema in GSC Pavillion KL was like a dream come true for me, especially since I have yet to watch any movies in this cinema before. I arrived at the VIP lounge, mingling with the press and crowds who are waiting for the arrival of the two lead actor and actress of the movie 'The Wedding Game' - Christopher Lee (a Malacaa born actor who made made it big in Singapore) and Fann Wong (who wouldn't know her!) while sipping champagne and wine. The stars of the show were almost star-struck when they were interviewed beside one another. Christopher Lee was very energetic and was jooking at every questions while his on-screen off-screen partner was a little more reserved, fielding the interview questions gently. However, I liked their humbleness and down-to-earth attitude which was displayed when they greeted and thanked each and every participants who took photos with them. Guess they appreciate their fans which is real important for any celebrity.

The movie however fell below my expectations. So much hype and fanfare before the movie probably lifted everyone's expectations of the movie. There was not much character development except for the part where Fann (Vicki) stalked Chris (Jack) just to find out that he secretly buys food for the old folks every morning when he goes jogging.

A big part of the movie focused on their bickering which was quite funny at some parts while others just fell flat. Pardon me, but most parts, both the bickering and falling in love with each other was not as believable as I hoped it to be. Well, they both make a cute couple both on and off-screen but I can't help but think how similar the theme of the movie is to real life where the directors (in the case of the movieis their assistants) are just banking on the popularity of the stars of the show who are getting married this year as well to rake in as much moolah as possible before the actual wedding takes place. I would say it is indeed a smart move as in the world of entertainment, anyone would do the same.

I have to say though that they did such a good job shooting scenes of Malacca along with the traditional harmonious scene of a multi racial community dancing together speaking different languages. I am so proud to hear smatterings of Malay and Cantonese in the movie potraying how multi lingual we are. I particularly liked the scene at the beach during sunset and the observation tower overlooking the straits of Malacca. I could relate to the act of wanting to be with someone because you want to be part of a warm family and to recreate the same family with the one you love. Reason why I have never stayed long with a partner who is not close to his family or comes from a cold family. I really think your family moulds you, makes you who you are. The closer you are to your family, the more responsible and respectful you become. And I have to particularly rave about her wedding gowns, so beautiful and one of a kind.

So, watch this is you fancy a wedding and to see a cute couple bickering non-stop and to listen to its beautiful locally made soundtrack. And if you are eager for your own dream wedding, it is worth a visit to the cinema.


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