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Monday, November 24, 2008

Trip to the Land of Spice

Welcomed by a smorgasboard of spices and a culinary of delights, I stepped into the land of the many spices seeing for my own eyes how the country is. The word 'chaos' must have been invented here as roads wind in no particular order and people drive with no manners. If one was to complain about the traffic situation in Singapore, they will be devastated to learn on how often they would have cursed if they drove in India. Using the horn as frequently as the accelerator, the drivers whizzed past one another, missing pedestrians by just a few centimetres, driving as though there is no tomorrow.

If one is to feel pitiful to see a beggar by the streets in the land of Singapore, you will have to multiply that symphaty a thousand million fold as beggars are a constant existence all over India from naked children sleeping by the roadside to the adults with no limbs or legs. The scene of a whole family sleeping out in the open with only a piece of rugged cloth as their bed is eminent. Covered with dust from top to toe, they are oblivious to the passersby and vehicles.

On the contrary, the rich lived in abundance. Houses as big as castles are not suprising sights as the gap between the rich and the poor is immense. I was thankful to be housed in a beautiful hotel called Ramada Powai, boasting itself as the first "Zero Trans-Fat" hotel in India. I have seen hotels like that in travel magazines but never in my mind imagine that I will one day be staying in one for free! What it means is the food and drinks served here has zero trans-fat to cultivate a healthy lifestyle. Nope, I do not see a lot of fat woman residing here but mostly businessman in their suits and ties.

It was indeed a pleasant and healthy experience with its menu comprising of the healthiest variety of fruit blends, an excellent gym facility with the latest gym equipments as well as a complimentary yoga session to refresh those early risers like me ;) I never know how it is to enjoy healthily till now.

I also squeezed a trip to to\wards the city and the south of India where I headed to the Gateway of India where the Queen of Elizabeth crossed when she first stepped into India. It looked almost like the Arc de Triumphe in Paris which is not a suprise since it was built years after the Paris arc. It was under construction when I arrived and was flanked by the omnipresent Taj Mahal Hotel which everyone claims to be one of the best hotel in India. I also visited Dhobi Ghaut, the laundry place for most Indians in Mumbai, Dome Palace, Haji Ali (the floating mosque) and the residence of Mahatma Gandhi.

I was flabbergasted after my trip in India hoping to return to see the Taj Mahal in Delhi one day. And yes, it is an experience one should not miss.

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