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Monday, November 10, 2008

Malaysia's 'Sex and the City'

Following the sucess of 'Sex and the City', it is not suprising to have another version of the show in different countries. But to have Malaysia as one of the first country to come up with a series following the same theme suprised me. What suprised me even more is that the quality of the production is of a standard higher than my expectations. Being sketical of Malaysia TVproduction, I was amazed that even the castings of the characters were incredbly good with the girls actually Malaysian and are very fashionably stylish and elegantly beautiful. Thus, I was glad that NTV7 did not dissapoint.

The show is about 4 successful career women who have failed in their past relationships and now sees relationships in different lenses from one another. One uses men just as a way to get material gains and jumps from one relationship to another, as easy as changing clothes. Another is so intellectual and sucessful that she has always been waiting for a man more successful than her and who can challenge her intellectually. Another has goWne through a bad first love and has given up on love and thus puts up a big barrier in her heart. And the last character is naive and idealist, waiting for the perfect man and unfortunately found him in the form of her married manager. With smatterings of relationship anecdotes and love parables, one would not be mistaken to rewatch the show just to absord the love lessons being communicated by the casts throughout their conversations and banterings. It is funny yet touching at times. Even admirable of the production to create some lead men who are honourable enough and deserving of the ladies' love.

This is the first Malaysian Chinese tv show that has converted me into an enthusiastic follower, waiting for the show at 10pm every weeknights. There was a scene that touched me when the girls accompanied Ong Ai Leng when she broke up with her boyfriend whom she found out lied about his family background and wealth just to win her love. When she finally cried her heart out, the girls consoled her to no end only to relate to her current state of emotions. She would have been more depressed had it not been her friends by her side no matter how hard.

Last but not least, I noticed the same co-branding was incorporated into the series through sponsorship from products like TOTO slimming machine and Nintendo Wii in which presence of the products was emphasized in countless ways through direct use of the product in the TV show and was even scripted into the casts' conversations. Unlike 'Sex and the City' where the product placements were more subtly implied, the casts actually showed how the products were used from talking about how they love the slimming machine to creating their own Nintendo Mii characters on the Wii.

All in all, I am proud that Malaysia has a great Chinese TV series we are proud to call our own. And I will be hugging my pillow following the trials and tribulations of each pretty casts. Thanks NTV7. :)

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  • At 6:41 PM, Blogger neil said…

    I wasn't aware of this series (but I wasn't an ardent follower of sex & the city either)

  • At 10:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    ahh.. if only i have time for tv :)


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