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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Why Do People Cry?

I remember a few times when I cried from the bottom of my heart and when I mean bottom, it means down to the core.
1. When I finally got an incredible recognition from all the hard work I put into my work. After years of toiling in office after office hours and getting shit from others for not being quick enough to follow up, I can't believe how relieved the statement from my boss that "I Will Be Promoted earlier" made me feel.
2. When I felt the pain of someone I care about tremendously suffering in life while others are taking a good meal for granted. When I respected him for taking all these hardships in his stride with so much hope that things will be better one day. And I cried as I cared about him so much that I wanted the best for him, especially when he has done so much for me.
3. When I broke up with my first love whom I have totally and fully gave my heart to. I still remember that it was the night before my final exams in college and I had to concentrate to study while getting over the break-up. It was not easy having to wipe away my tears which was pouring profusely while trying to do the mathematical equations but I had to as I know I have a future to hold on to even tho he will not be in it. After that break-up, I don't think I have ever opened my heart to anyone anymore for a long long time.

But what I am pleased is I have also cried tears of joy due to having my heart touched by the actions of my loved one. And it is when he did all the little things that surprised me, amazing me with little wonders of how much he knew me without telling me and presenting them all in his actions. Little signs on my birthday present and the thought that he tolerated all my quirkiness all these years moved me even more. I am glad to have shed these tears of joy.

And all I am hoping for now is for the tears of joy when I see my little own flesh and blood one day.


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  • At 3:36 PM, Blogger neil said…

    before you shed tears of joy upon beholding your flesh and blood, you will first shed tears of pain from the labour...

  • At 6:46 AM, Blogger princessE said…

    True, can't argue with you on that.


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