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Sunday, December 07, 2008

My Top 3 Hottest Orient Chicks (For Now)

I can't help but post photos of these pretty Orient actresses before everyone forgets of their existence. After acting in 200 Pounds Beauty, how can someone forget the luminious and angelic beauty of the sultry singer who went through plastic surgery in order to become famous? The character was played with Kim Ah Joong.

Also, after watching Deadly Delicious played by Francis Ng about the story of a married men who fiddles with a stewardess only to be poisoned by his wife through the food cooked by the his love affair. The stewardess played by "Jiang Ji Yian" was rather cute but she is gorgeous in these photoshoots.

Last but not least, one model-cum-actress in Singapore caught my attention for her sexy sultry looks complemented by her long limbs and leggy build - Sheila Sim. Reminds me of Malaysia's Amber Chia.

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