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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Some Things Never Change

When you yearn for someone so bad and could not get it, all you can do sometimes is to go back to places that bring back those memories. with that special person One of the place that I returned to during my trip back to Malaysia was a mamak in one corner of Paramount that serves the best Milo Ais I have tasted in the whole of Malaysia. And it is with this memory that I ventured to Petaling Jaya one fine day to salvage those memories again. 7 or more years have passed since I last stepped into that mamak and I rounded a big part of Petaling Jaya to remember where it was. In my mind, I was expecting to find an empty plot of land where the mamak used to sit with its tables jutting out into the streets of Paramount. I was half expecting to see a new Chinese restaurant or Chinese association taking the place that used to be the hang out place of many PJ-ers and Cybercafe visitors nearby. And I was expecting to get dissapointed over the loss of one mamak that hold so many of my precious memories and laughters as well as serving my all-time favorite and chocolatey Milo Ais.

Imagine my suprise and happiness when I saw the same mamak that I used to frequent standing there with the same number of tables lining the roads and the same aroma of Milo and fried chicken wafting into the air. 7 years and yet here is the same mamak operating day after day for the last 7 years or more even without I and my friends going. Wow! And I have changed so many jobs and partners already while this mamak stood strong against the test of time. The best part was when I ordered the Milo Ais, expecting the quality to have deteriorated over time (it is only normal), imagine my suprise when I found that the Milo Ais taste exactly the same, just as tasty, as chocolatey with the right amount of density one could ask for from a Milo. I slurped the Milo Ais enthusiastically, taking in the familiarity of it all, the aroma of the drinks, the noise of the crowd, the crispiness of the fried chicken served with the Nasi Lemak Ayam and the mysterious ways of how the guys here tend to be a bit more outspoken and observant that most guys in other mamaks. Even the VCD shop that I frequent 7 years ago after having drinks in that mamak is still there, its lights as brightly lit as ever. I can't believe my eyes when I see how nothing has changed over the years and even the consistency of the Milo powder and condensed milk in the Milo Ais was just as good.

That night, my questions were answered. Even though I have left so many wonderful memories in that mamak alone, I have so many more good memories after leaving that mamak which was different and just as exciting. All my pasts made me who I am and I wonder what would have happened had I not left that mamak sometimes. However, I have to be thankful that I did and now I am frequenting new mamak, cafes and bars that has given me new perspectives in life. I am thankful for my special one who was willing to drive me almost across half of the country to get to a place which he knows does not have any inkling whatsoever with the memories of him. And no matter how much I miss those old memories, it is the new experiences with my special one that I am looking forward to and excited about. And as he said, the past made us who we are today but it is the future that make it much more exciting. Some things never change but when it does, people will adapt and look forward to the change.

However, some things like the Milo Ais just never change ;)

"It's not about who's right for you, it's about who makes it right with you. "- from a contestant of Cornetto Love Perhaps on NTV7


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