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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

How to Get Good Endorphins

When it happens to others, I would never expect it to happen to myself, especially when I hear those news on TV from my comfortable 5-star hotel room during my previous business trip to Shanghai. At times like these, I can't help but think of ways of how I can get good endorphins and remain positive so that I do not consume myself with negative and detrimental feelings. Well, as people say, there is always worse to happen right?

So I have listed below ways to get those good endorphins:
1. Working out at the gym always does it. I always make it a point to attend those gym classes with 'smiley' instructors. I exceptionally like this instructor of 'Body Attack' and 'Body Pump' in my True Fitness gym who has an unerasable smile on his face and never ending stamina to push the most out of everyone in the class. Seeing his fair and sunbeamed face already make me happy, moreover with his witty and cheerful remarks.
2. Watching Rachael Ray - yes, this affable lady always make my day not only with her fantastic and delicious recipes from Honey Chicken Mustard to the loveliest pastas but her cheery cherubic face makes it easier for me to lay my eyes on her. She has the cheekiest smile and her pleasantry emanates all over when she interviews celebrities.
3. Surround yourself with people in the same predicament or at least people who are positive minded. The former will understand what you are going through and will be able to say things that you can relate to. The latter will not understand completely but will be able to make situations less bleak so that you can see the silver lining. Either way works :)
4. Listen to good music - It is without a doubt the music heals the soul and by listening to happy music that give one hope, esp the fast ones they play in my gym class never cease to create the happy endorphins in me. It is as though the whole world turned bright by listening to the right songs. One of my feel-good song is above: Matchbox 20 - Let's See How Far We've Come
5. Blog/write a diary - the effects of pouring your heart out on a piece of paper helps as you can talk about your problem/crush/frustration without hiding anything. The end of the blog/diary always end with positive reinforcements which makes things positive and better. Having friends comment on the blog posts makes it even better as every now and then, I receive some comforting words which really make my day. Thanks friends! :)

So, in times like these, it helps to continuously have hope and faith that things will be better.

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