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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Things I Will Miss About Singapore

I tread my way to this 'kiasu' country not knowing what to expect, leaving my family and boyfriend to start a new life in a country foreign to me but not too far from home. What I didn't expect was that I will leave the country two and a half years later with such a heavy heart. But go I must as my calling here has ended.

Amongst the things unique to Singapore that will always be dear to my heart are below:
1. The thick foliage lining the streets after leaving Changi airport. It is such a welcoming view when I have just got back from certain countries on business trips.
2. The sweet aromatic smell of buns wafting from Bread Story when I walk past the store early morning before going to work.
3. Helpful pedestrians giving directions to me when I looked lost even when I didn't ask them first. Their directions are so precise it is as though they are afraid you will get lost.
4. The colorful neverending lights along Orchard Road months before Christmas.
5. Irisdescent lights reflected on Singapore River from bars to restaurants nearby. I was enjoying this view from Boat Quay.
6. Reading free newspaper distributed every morning and noon at the MRT stations.
7. Watching Mobile TV when taking journey on the bus.
8. How fast it is to get my legal documents like EP from the government organizations.
9. Shopping at 1am in the morning in Mustafa, the 24 hour supermarket that you can practically find anything in the world!
10. The never ending supply of soya milk and fruit juice everywhere I go, and they are cheap too.
11. The countless numbers of beautiful restaurants and cafes on the top of buildings with great views. People are spoilt for choice here.
12. Mentality of people who puts their country or company first instead of their personal benefit. Givers gain!

So, Singapore, thanks for the adventure and for giving me the chance to meet these amazing people who will now be part of my memories and now shape my future. I will not be who I am now if I had not gained these encounters. It's now time to go home. Watch this blind contestant call Scott McIntyre singing 'Home' (originally sung by Chris Daughtry) in his performance in American Idol. :)


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