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Monday, February 02, 2009

How Do You Escape?

How do you escape? I watched an episode of Grey's Anatomy in which one of the patient who has been diagnosed with cancer and knew about it early on told Meredith 'I garden. I take care of my garden so well that you can't find a single pest and my sunflowers bloom so beautifully.' The victim was in so much pain and suffering, yet so nonchalant. He filled his void by a simple activity of gardening. When life treats you bad, there is no other way but to succumb and deal with it but by escaping.

How do I escape? Writing, that is what I do. There is an unfathomable pleasure in writing that I can't explain. There was once I was so pressured with work and so fed up with the person I am with but the moment I put pen to paper (in this case, fingers to keyboard), I felt like a burden lifted off me. It transforms me to a different world. I can write anything, but it has to be something from the bottom of my heart.

There were times when I argued with my ex-boyfriend, and as I had to cry so loud, I hid myself in the toilet and cried. I remember sitting on the toilet bowl and crying my heart out. I could actually sit in the toilet for more than 3 hours with a newspaper and reading it to make myself sleepy once my tears subside. That is the reason I am so compulsive about clean toilets. I remember spending so much time in the toilet that I looked at every corner of the toilet and it was indeed clean! Starting from that day, I need to have clean toilets, as to me the toilet was my place of solace and my impression of a clean toilet was fixed.

I also escape by listening to music. Music that touches my heart. I listen to a song that I can relate to over and over and over again and I write the lyrics down, putting my heart into listening to every single words uttered in the music.

I also escape by seeking friends. People say friends are the best thing one can have besides a family. And I couldn't agree more. I remembered how my friend attempted to cheer me up when they found out I was having problems and I felt so lifted.

Sometimes, I use wine, but not so much as I know that alcohol only makes you feel better only for that day. But at least for that day, I am happy and all my problems seem lifted away. Sometimes, short term escape is better than none at all. :)

People escape. It is a need. Be it by drinking, smoking, going to the waterfalls or watching a feel-good-movie, it helps. It fills the void at least for a while. We are only human after all.


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  • At 9:32 PM, Blogger tradingyesterdays said…

    Maybe its supposed to fill the void, but that's not always what happens. Sometimes other things distract us from our problems, giving us something else to focus our attention on instead of the issue. But does that really end the problem, or does that delay it, push it to the back of our minds? We've all got an empty space in our lives, it's just a matter of finding what fits.

    I like your blog; I like the way you write. Keep it up!


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