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Sunday, July 05, 2009

My Radio Interview on BFM

This is the first time I appeared on a radio interview with Business FM (BFM for short), in fact this is the first time I appeared on any live interviews. I was glad to be given the opportunity by the CEO of DraftFCB to be interviewed alongside him representing DraftFCB as the Associate Director of Strategic Planning for Interactive. The topic of the conversation is 'How to Advertise Using New Media during the Downturn'. I also thank my ex-colleague, Malek Ali for making the interview come true.

The experience was great, having to put the microphone in front of your lips and speak live to your audience. The topic resonates in me as I am a true believer of Digital and New Media esp how much more effective the online and mobile medium in spreading news and information in this generation. Being in the advertising industry was fun and glamorous for me. I am glad I dipped my toes in it even for a while.

Tune in to BFM more as it truly resemble a Malaysian company taking a new way of broadcasting, not for entertainment but for useful nuggets of information for business and professionals like me.

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