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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Travails of a Career-Obsessed Married Woman

As I walk ceaselessly across the tarred roads as I have walked past the bus stop to catch the bus to my next appointment, I watched aimlessly as the buses I was meant to take passed me by right in front of my eyes. I could not board them as I have not arrived at the bus stop yet. The last 2 weeks has been like this for me. 'Missed opportunities'. Some missed opportunities will affect me for the rest of my life. Call it luck, call it timing, when it happens it sucks.

Recently, I have taken the step to release myself from singlehood and stepped into the married altar. However, the actions I am taking now contradicts the expectations of a married woman. In this society, a married man can still take up a job opportunities overseas if the offer is good enough. This might not be true of a married woman. What happens if it is the woman who becomes the breadwinner of the family? What happens if the female is the go-getter and have goals and dreams in life while the male lives in comfort zone? Should the female let go of everything? I do not know the answer but I have summed up my problems in this quadrant:


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