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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Weddings Worth Tearing Up Over

Amidst the doom and gloom that has been happening in the world, the appearance of good news even snippets of them makes up for what has been one of the worst downturn since I am born. Affected negatively as well as positively by this downturn, I was pleased to see a photo of smiling faces in the front page of the newspaper today. It didn't made the headline but was a welcoming sight in light of the other more serious news like the drop and rise of the stock market and the increase in unemployment.

The news was about the imminent wedding of one of Singapore's most famous celebrity couple, the gorgeous and shapely, Michelle Chia and the boyish and charming Shaun Chen. I rarely tear up and thus it is with suprise that occasions like these that made me do the unpredictable. I actually teared up twice this week alone and both happened during wedding ceremonies. One is when I was listening to my friend, Shirrene Koh the bride, relating how she appreciates her parents for giving all they can despite being poor and retrenched from their job so much so that even when he only has RM2 left in his pocket, he buys noodles and milk for his 2 children when they complained that they were hungry even if it means no food for him. To me, there is no greater sacrifice than the sacrifice of a parent for their own children. Thus, it is without a doubt that I will do all I can to repay and appreciate them now that I make my own living and stand on my own two feet.

The second wedding that touched me was the wedding of this celebrity couple, Shaun and Michelle merely by watching a video of their speech on the stage of the glitzy Ritz-Carlton Hotel. When the groom was asked to speak, he could not hold back his tears and thus the bride took over the microphone to tell the audience on what made her choose to marry Shaun Chen. "My family and friends are the most important things to me. So, when I found someone who not only loves me but loves and takes care of my family and friends, I know I have found the one." This was followed by the groom's speech who thanked not only his own parents but his in-laws for accepting him into the family and his friends who travelled all the way from Malaysia in a bus to attend his wedding. I don't know which part touched me but without realising it, I felt tears streaming down my cheeks and maybe it is because I could feel the warmth and love from their relationship which is so tightly knit with their extended families and something I do not have now as I am living alone in a different countries from all my families.

No matter what, love forms a foundation of my life. Reason why I would choose love comedies over action movies and watch chick flicks over McGyvers of Knight Riders. I feel alive when I am loved and can love someone. A lot of actions I take are due to love, not money, not fame. It might look like I am chasing money and status on the surface but if you do not see what is deeper, I guess you do not know me at all. Regardless, I am glad I attended and saw 2 beautiful weddings that merged two opposites into one. One day, it will be mine :)


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