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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Story of the Outcasts

Maybe it was because noone stood up for them. Maybe because noone accepted them. Maybe because noone loved them.

Is it their fault they are the way they are? Is it their fault that they are not treated fairly? Why is the blame on them when nature made them so? Yes, they will not be able to procreate and add to the number of population in this world. But truly, is it their fault at all? Have you been in their shoes before you fault them?

One died in Spain today even though he has openly declared he is gay and even married another man. Another self-decalred gay, Adam Lambert lost his mantle in American Idol to a less talented singer, Kris Allen. A Chinese multi-talented actor and singer lost his life as he felt suffocated not being accepted for who he is. Gays are the most creative and talented being in the world. Their sensitivity to what's around them makes them artistic and special. So, before you fault them, look at what they have contributed to the society.

It is rare that I watch a show that leaves a tingling feeling in my body even till the next day. Hence, I have to thank Shonda Rhimes for potraying that even screwed ups deserves the right to live normally.


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