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Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Proposal

Coming out from the movie, The Proposal, entertained by Sandra Bullock's funny antiques and Ryan Reynold's witty remarks and touched by yet another cliche romcom, I came by one of the most beautiful wedding proposal ever. And it was spoken by a female, the Bachelorette, Trista Nicole Rehn proposing to her final bachelor on the show. I could relate to it very much and tears lingered in my eyes hearing the words she uttered. Maybe it's because I did the same; I proposed to my boyfriend of 6 years after his 1 and a half failed attempts of proposing to me. But nevertheless, the words were music to my ears:

Today is the day I have dreamt about my entire life. Ever since I was a little girl, I have visions of a man who I can see my future with. But whose face is always blurred. Until now.

Now, I not only see his face but I see a future of dreams come true. I see smiles and laughter. I see babies and vanities.I see comfort and safety. I see a white dress and I see it with you.

I want to thank you for standing by my side when I could not give you any confirmations of my feelings. But my walls have finally crumbled and I can now tell you without any reservations that I am in love with you. I hope with all my heart that you feel the same and that you want to spend the rest of your life with me as I want with you.

So, how did I propose? In light with his interets in Treasure Hunting, I placed the ring box on top of his luggage bag while we are vacationing in Dubai. He opened the box to see a paper with a clue on how to find the ring. It was a small poem written by yours truly. True to his Sherlock Holmes style of hunting, he set out solving the clue and found the ring. Sure enough, he said Yes! Hmmm...sounds like I'm the guy here.

So, regardless of who propose to whom, what's important is that the love remains strong and the couple works hard towards maintaining the romance. And that is the simple formula why Trista's love with her favorite bachelor remained till now despite the failures of all the other Bachelors and Bachelorettes.


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