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Monday, November 30, 2009

A Beautiful Bride

As the bride walks away from the wedding ballroom, there is a sense of excitement that envelopes the air. The anticipation of starting a new life together is imminent in both the bride and groom's expressions. The excitement of going on a honeymoon after all the preparation towards this big day in their life just to escape from it all and be in a world of their own. There is a certain rush of emotion after the biggest event in your life.

Yesterday, I attended the wedding of one of the most beautiful girl among my friends. She really has the kind of girl-next-door look that any male would brood over and would like to treat as girlfriend. And to see her in her glory in her wedding gown heightens the sensation. She might not be the most beautiful girl in the world or even in Malaysia but to me, she is beautiful inside and out. It takes a certain amount of charisma, confidence and courage; strength and selflessness that makes a girl beautiful in my eyes.

Externally, she has the most flawless fair skin any girl can have and a body so statuesque she can wear anything and still look good in it. She might not be a model material as she still has the girl-next-door innocence, not the smoldering type of looks but she could fairly be the dream girlfriend of every guy. As she told me abouther upcoming honeymoon in Maldives, I shared her excitement as I will be going on one myself.

And why is she beautiful internally? She displays a certain confidence to look like the sweetest girl on Earth yet not afraid to show her tomboyish side as her gait is not one that enhances her feminity. When there are problems with the event, she took charge from the get-go, sputtering instructions so fast only a bullet train can catch up with her. At the end of the dinner, the poor husband was drunk and was sleeping on the chair. She took no offence in laughing about it and drove him home despite the hectic schedule. She took control of the situation to make sure everything is in order. And at the end of the event, admitted what a relief it has been. Tinge of vulnerability.


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