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Saturday, January 08, 2011

Review of ToGetHer aka. Superstar Express

Sometimes it comes a time when a call for inspiration is heeded. It was on the comforts of a hospital bed that I discovered this captivating Taiwanese series. Had I been given the choice, I would not have picked it up from the VCD shelves as the cover photo gives me the impression that it will be a ridiculous show. After one episode, I was hooked. A series that I thought would have been superficial and silly turned out to be a full of depth and very moving. So meaningful and full of heart. It came to me when I needed it most, at the time when I was most emotional and melancholy. Watching this allowed me to escape momentarily, to have some hope in the moment of darkness and to enjoy a fleeting moment of happiness.

The plot was simple but the elements that make the whole show were very addictive and emotional. It is the story of an agoraphobic homebody whom have never got much attention from anyone being changed from the arrival of a dimming superstar. The story revolves around how both fell in love by being there for each other in times of trial and tribulations. This show is called "Superstar Express" or "ToGetHer". This is the synopsis:

Mars is a superstar whose popularity went downhill after a series of negative publicity. His finances went into red alert and he had to find a place to live. He ended up renting a place from Mo Mo, his agoraphobic homebody landlord. He befriended her and her childhood friend Jia Sen, a swimming captain with the intelligence of an 8-year-old.

There are a few moments that truly touched me so much I had to hold a box of tissue.

1. When he searched for her all around the playground when she was homeless (due to her sister's debts) in the rain and found her hiding under a drain. She was so relieved to have been found that she hugged him and slowly he hugged her back. After that, he scolded her "Why must you do so many things to piss me off?" and even though it was rough, she knows he only said it cos he cared for her. After that, he let her stay in his place and they both peeked glances at each other and smiled :)

2. When he called his mom to tell her that he loves her and how much he wanted to see her when his mom was on the train home. When he went home, there was a bowl of his favorite dumpling noodles prepared by his mother. As he relish the noodles, tears kept dripping.

3. When she was at the cemetery of her parents and told her parents how come she feels so alone even though she has someone whom she loves and he loves her back. Then she asked for her parents to take good care of Mars cos he is working really hard. Actually Mars was a good person and treated her well. (Yes, I cried like there is no tomorrow)

4. When she spoke to the soft toy 'Mumu' given by Mars after he left and told Mumu that they both miss Mars and that she will accompany Mumu to forget Mars. She was still wearing the band that Mars gave her on her wrist so that she can always feel Mars presence.

5. After Mar's mother passed away, Mars said he has never felt so alone in his life. MoMo comforted him by saying 'Remember you told me that I will no longer be alone? Mars, you are also no longer alone.' Then, they just fell asleep on the same bed without touching one another.

6. When Mars sang on stage after he recovered from his leg injury, he said that even among a huge audience, he will be able to locate her. True enough, he did find her trying to escape from his concert and when she opened the exit door, he was standing right in front of her dedicating the song that he specially wrote for her.

What I also likes about this series is, it has one of the best and sweetest and believable ending among other Taiwanese series I watched. I loved how they tie quotes and actions from previous episodes so that they made more meaning when spoken the 2nd time. I particularly loved the ending where she quoted, "Prince Kashaba, I finally found my own Prince Kashaba. Thank you. I feel very blessed.". And another fairy tale ends.....

Love the feedback from other fans as well:
Thanks for subbing! Wow, it's nice to finally finish a drama, haven't felt this in a while. lol. but this drama was really good, I cried in almost all the eps, it was too sweet, I mean so many sweet moments with MM and Mars and omg, they're so cute and adorable. the ending reminded me of you're beautiful a little...haha, but this drama was amazing, I'm glad I decided to finish this drama. and I finished it in 2 days...well half of it at least lol. but can't wait for the next drama with Rainie

I think this might be one of the first asian drama I've seen where the other guy chasing the? leading lady gives up in a respectable way (in my opinion that is). I actually enjoyed this ending.

Like everyone else I thought the drama was weird at first but I fell in love with all the characters and learned a good lesson out of it? That the heart can go beyond what we don't expect, we can't judge everyone just because they look a certain way but it's where the heart is that matters. Good drama thumbs up!

The sentence that I will always remember from ToGetHer is .. When Jiro said: "Be careful, if you gaze at me like that, you'll fall for me". This is one of the best shows Jiro has every been in. = )

Absolutely right!!!! I think this is the most sweet and lovely drama I've ever seen!!! So gentle and touching, so cute and adorable, so simple and flowing! This drama is going to give me diabetes from it being so sweet! :P


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