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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Journey Through Times

Wow! That was my exclamation the moment I stepped into the Times Warehouse Sale. Mountains of books stacked on top of each other with unbeatable prices from RM1. Imagine some books can even cost less than a newspaper. Anyway, I took this sale as a great opportunity to stock up on my collection of books that i feel have not completely run out but do not mind a restock. I was zealously looking through piles and piles of books, some screaming for attention, some forlornly sitting at corners hoping to be adopted into a warm home. Testimonials like "Suspence to the very end!", "...has turned out a debut novel fit for a king.", etc can be seen at every corners.

I picked up some amazing books. Books I never thought of getting and even books I thought of geting but never did due to its exorbitant price. The sale privileged me to obtain those award-winning books at almost half the market price. Yippeee! I torn between getting this book called "The Gods of Small Things" by Arundhanti Roy that wons a few accolades but decided not to as I could not comprehend the meaning of the book by skimming through it. The ever-fickle-minded me stocked up on books by the its variety of genres: I even bought some chick-lits that I would never consider buying had it been sold at its original price. One is called "The Berdgolf Blondes" which I heard will be turned into a tv show starring Meryl Streep. I am excitedt to see how someone like her churn out a character as blond as that but I will read the book prior to the show.

Hey, I don't mind exchanging books and even discuss on all. Among my prize possesions are below:

1. A boxset of Amy Tan

2. Classics like "To Kill a Mockingbird", "A Catcher in the Rye"

3. Chick Lits like "The Berdgolf Blondes" and "One of Them"

4. Self-help like "The Tipping Point", Azizi Ali'z "mExcel" and Joey Yap's "Bazi"

5. Slef-help comics like "The Dilbert Principle"

6. Other fictions like "If you are Afraid of Heights"

This is a great time to stock up on books that you have not even heard of but just want to give it a try. Hey, I found some diamonds in the large minefield. I was imagining the books like orphans and nowI gave them a warm spot in my room to sleep till I pick it up again. :)

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