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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Filial Chinese New Year 2011!

Being away from Malaysia for so long, there are years when I missed watching Malaysia ads and one of those being Petronas Chinese New Year ads. This year's Petronas ad actually brought tears to my eyes, mainly because of what I went through last year. For Malaysians to come up with such ad, I can respectfully claim Malaysians to be a warm and compassionate country. There is no theme more important in a Chinese family than filial piety.

Below are some blurbs on my parents:
A soft-spoken diminutive figure, he speaks little, listens more. When I found out from my cousin that my father ran into a burning building to save my cousins when their house were on fire, I was bowled over. Had it not been for his brave and quick actions, I would not know if I can see my cousins this Chinese New Year. He did not even speak of this until the story was brought up by my cousin.

On my mother's birthday, even after living together for more than 30 years, he would tease my mom of expecting a birthday celebration and silently buys her favorite chocolate to suprise her.

Being the extrovert person in the family, my mother has incredible social skills. She befriends all my friends as well as my siblings' friends and even remembers their birthday. After giving birth to 3 kids, she stayed home to tend to us. I remember one time when my mother was cooking and I was worried about my examinations, I brought my textbook to the kitchen and asked if she could teach me. Without hesitating, she puts down her wok and held on to my book and patiently thought me. Had it not been her, I would not have done so well in school.

Recently, she paid so much attention to me after I went through a misfortune and I have never felt more blessed. Not only did she cooked the most delicious meals for me when I went home but she also bought new recipes to find ways to cure me back to health.

Parents are the easiest to be taken for granted 'cos they are always there and they do everything for us. But they are the ones you must appreciate most as the day will come when you will regret if you did not spend more time with them. This Chinese New Year, give your parents the best gift: your presence.

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