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Sunday, May 22, 2005

I'm Not a Girl, Not Yet A Woman - Mind Over Matter

I used to have my heart on my sleeves all the time. Thriving on being sensitive enough to understand the emotional aspects of every situation, I relished in the glory of being emotional to the point of arguing over petty things and claiming guys to never understand me enough to be with me.

Years passed, responsibilities abound, work commitments increased and a few heartbreaks later, I am proud to announce now that I am no more the petty sensitive girl I used to be. I have blossomed into an elegant beautiful princess (ahem!) who is able to bear responsibilities as they come and make decisions based on my mind rather than my heart. However, I still hold true this important quote "Follow Your Heart".

Just the other day, I was went to this amazing spa, Andana Spa in Pan Pacific Glenmarie and was amazed at my ability to control my mind. I believe that with training everyone can do that, just a matter of time. I soaked myself into this excruciatingly hot jacuzzi that with additional time, I managed to spend at least 20 mins in there basking in the heat of the water and the tranquility of the steam enveloping me. As I was told to go into the chill bath right after that, I did just that and to my amazement, I soaked myself in there, steadily without having to come up for a breather. My mind was controlling my body, telling my body to forget about the coldness and I counted till 90. 90 seconds in the cold water is an achievement for me. especially when I could actually get up and soak myself in there for another 60 seconds. Phew....I could imagine the pores in my body are all closed after that.

I remember taking the roller coaster when I did not tell my mind to forget about the speed and I was so immensely shocked by the sheer speed of the roller coaster falling down. Compare that with the time when I told my mind over and over again that it will be gone in a jiffy and I just need to conquer my fear, I felt less shocked.

The human's mind is a very powerful tool. It absorbs the thought we implant it with and believes it to be true. Thus, use your mind to its highest potential. And you will thank yourself for the achievements it can bring. However, trusting your gut instincts should be the core of your decisions. You just need to rationalise it with your head.

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