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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Show of Creativity - Thinking Out of The Box

I attended the KL Writers' Circle in MPH 1-Utama last Saturday and was blown away by the show of creativity presented. Even though the topic was about Print On Demand, I was taken away when 2 of the presenters presented their books and how they got about doing it.

One was Ooi Poh Yew who presented her book "How to Use Magic to Teach Mathematics." She is now selling thousands of books on this topic and travelling all over the word to talk on this topic. I liked how she used creativity to help people understand something so logical and how she could merge something so logical with something creative. Sometimes, our mind does not work according to our rational mind, thus we need some right brain activities to jump start the left brain. This is exactly what she had done.

The second speaker was amazingly creative. He had been the most ardent follower of this talk, as I observed from my various attendence to this class and finally today I got a chance to listen to his work. For someone who had been in the legal industry for years, he displayed no inclination of those sorts. He was extremely creative, showing his stories written for the book "Hauntings from the Heart" followed by his artwork for another book he will be working on. The story revolves around a few kids who have lost their parents and their journey in Hell to look for their parents, thus their encounter with various weird creatures he had drawn. Scary but interesting enough to make me continously turn the pages.

Finally, there is one guy who impressed me with his amazing creativity. He wrote a book entitled: "Behind Every Frienship, There is a Story." for his school project. Instead of using the normal concept of writing on each pages, he used cards which are stuck on the left side of the pages of the book and drawings on the right pages of the book. The cards can be turned to reveal the story behind the friendship at the front of the card. I can't wait for his book to be published so that I can take a peek at his thinking out of the box book. It would be such a joy to read.

There, impressive show of creativity. And all to be found in a small group of aspiring writers. :)

3 Bowed to the princess

  • At 12:16 AM, Blogger Susan Abraham said…

    Hello Princess,
    Just popped in for the first time
    and want to say that you write very well and I'm sure you'll be a great success story for Malaysia someday. Do hold on to your fabulous dreams.
    Also, I'll link you on to my blog, shortly.
    *best wishes*
    susan abraham

  • At 3:52 PM, Blogger princessE said…

    Thank you so much for the acknowledgement. I still have far too much room for improvement and am working towards my dream for myself as well as my country. *Cheers to you*

  • At 8:05 PM, Blogger Susan Abraham said…

    That's great Princesse. You write a whole lot better than many Malaysians I know. Keep up the good work.


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