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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

What's Negativity Gotta Do With It

I was sitting at my lunch table today hoping to take my mind off my financial woes when I was thrown into a discussion about the bosses and some other staff of my current work place. Had I been in their position, I would have been drawn into joining in the conversation that range from bad-mouthing some unproductive efforts from a staff to the inflexibility and irrational demands of some bosses. However, as I was there as a voyuer, I could not relate to their difficulties and thus find it really unproductive to get involved in those negativity. In my opinion, everyone has their style of working and so what if some do not work, you just have to adapt since you are working under that boss right? Also, what good would it do to complain. I keep stressing that we should take action rather than just talking about it. Also, I feel that noone is perfect, thus my inability to conform to their train of thoughts. I feel that noone is perfect and thus whining about other people's little mistake will not do any good to any parties. Yes, perhaps it makes people feel better so after that take action. How would you feel if someone is to talk about you behind your back like that.

Well, who am I to talk about my friends like that?! I just realised that I did the exact same thing they did. I just complained about them complaining :P Just be mindful that I did it with a moral behind the story. Yeah...that gives me the reason (aka excuse) to complain :P

Here, I end by giving you a related quote: 'When we use our minds creatively and constructively, it doesn’t matter what we haven’t done, what we haven’t said or where we haven’t been. The only thing that matters is how we engage our mind by telling the conscious what we want to do.'

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  • At 11:53 AM, Blogger eeleyelee said…

    Negative comments can turn into constructive criticism (provided they reach the ears of the one being back-bitten), depending on how one views it. :)

  • At 9:33 PM, Blogger Susan Abraham said…

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