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Thursday, November 30, 2006

FREE Wireless almost everywhere in SG Soon!

Yes! Today, I will be able to use wireless for FREE! Once again my fav four-lettered word. I have registered with not one but 2 providers: Singtel and QMax and ready to roll. Competition is stiff as most ppl would go for Singtel for their brandname esp if you are already using a Singtel phone line as you can get higher speed access at cheaper rates. Thus, QMax had to put in a contest whereby applicants stand a chance to win a car. As of today, I have applied for services with the three telcos in SG: post-paid plan with M1 for free incoming calls and sms, pre-paid plan with Starhub for free incoming calls and global sms, and wireless broadband with Singtel for 512kb access at various hotspots. Call me kiasu but I’m a telco and techno freak. If I was stranded on a deserted island, what would I wish I have: Internet access dungu! so tat I can whisk myself back to civilization via emails and blogs.

With the launch of Wireless@SG starting 31 Dec 2006, a lot of public places in Sg will be covered with high speed wi-fi access up to 1Mb. You can even upgrade to this speed at a small cost of $9.90 per mth.

Today Singtel is putting themselves into every piece of the pie by going into cable tv to give Starhub a stiff competition and launching 3.5G network in the city for FREE up till end Dec for those who uses supported phone models. Areas like Orchard Road are covered. In Feb 2007, even M1 and Starhub will get a piece of the 3.5G action with speeds starting at 3.6 megabits per second (Mbps), or seven times faster than the 512 kilobits per second (Kbps) on Wireless@ SG.

Meanwhile M1 does not want to be missing in the fighting action by launching cheap broadband rates called 'M1 Broadband' where customers can enjoy unlimited broadband plans with no fixed charges. Charges at $68 a month is now reduced to $22/month for speed up to 384Kbps.

There is so much that a consumer can enjoy and do in Singapore that one is just spoilt for choice. Imagine catching the latest movie preview using your laptop in front of the cinema before deciding on which movie to buy ticktes for. Imagine video conferencing or 'Skyping' over an important business decision and contract that would have earned you million had you not done it in a cafe like McDonalds or now even over Ya Kun Kaya Toast. Imagine sending your friend an email attaching an MMS photo you just took of a cute guy using wireless over your mobile. Imagine blogging on the latest news minute you see and experience it making you the first to report of the news. Imagine the possibilities.

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