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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Celine Dion – 3 Boys and a New Show

When you are a mom, you never sleep the same” as quoted by Celine Dion. How true! I could only relate after being a mother since Dec 2011. Rather than very little sleep, every mom’s sleep is broken. Feeding every 2 hours and pumping my breasts every 4 hours takes a tool on every mother. You can also see how exhausted I get rocking him to sleep that when he cries for not wanting to sleep on the bed, I had to put him on my arms to sleep every night. That was co-sleeping at its most intense. That was stressful when I needed to drink or pee and especially when I have engorged breasts. 

Watching this documentary of how Celine Dion resolutely tried to have babies albeit multiple IVFs and one miscarriage is inspirational. As she told Oprah, not for a moment she thought of giving up. She finally got pregnant with twins at the 6th IVF attempt. This documentary is not about her attempt to have babies, but her return to show business after delivering twin boys. It is a wonderful documentary not because of her struggles but because it was meticulously choreographed and the timing is perfect. And who can complain when it features all of her music with such strong vocals in the background. 

 I could relate when this intrepid songstress went back to train for her singing after not performing for almost 2 years and had to stop every 4 hours to express her milk and said, “This is not only milk, there’s love in it”. This makes me feel better waking up in the wee hours of the morning to express my milk when the whole word is still sleeping and how I had to endure 30 minutes of squeezing my breasts at every pump just to get enough milk for my baby. I am proud to say I have been breastfeeding exclusively for more than 6 months now. When people say the power of a mother’s love is endless, it is really true. 

After seeing this documentary, I admire and relate to her strength and discipline. She is intense the way I am. She said “It’s tough to live with me. I’m intense with my husband, my children and my work. I don’t know how he lives with me”. Similarly, I will not stop at anything until I get what I want. 

I can’t believe how a woman that gave birth to twins, that didn’t sleep, can come up and do a performance like she does every night. She’s so discipline, you have to admire a person like that” – nicely quoted by her husband, Rene Angelil after watching her putting up great performances night after night. 

Last but not least, I admire her residence which is amazingly huge and gorgeous and worth USD12.5M. If you don’t watch this documentary, you can see her house in Jupiter Island, Florida here.

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