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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

What Happened to "Till Death Do Us Part"?

Felt like blogging on a lighter, more subdued note today. Hey, a girl needs a chick lit too every once in a while. Anyway, my head was heavy from the regular mind-numbing sessions at office meetings and never ending deadlines when I decided to take a stroll (not by the park) but in the bookstore. If you are to ask me the two happy places that I go to, I will have the answer for you at the back of my mind: McDonalds and Kinokuniya :)

So, here I was browsing through the magazine racks when I saw a really nice photo of Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey unhappily together. And this coming from the ever-loving couple of Hollywood that shows so much passion in public. Well, anyway, I was not suprised as knowing Hollywood, the next thing to do after marriage is none other than divorce. And they just love repeating the cycle all over again.

And it is not only couples getting divorce that is in trend, it is also couples getting hitched at a such a far age gap, think Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher (huh! mother and son?) and the latest pairings of none other than Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Well, I like Katie for her annoyingly cute demeanor and her lovely chiselled cheeks but even I would have expected her to be smarter than to fall for Tom's playing ways. Or perhaps his flashing smile and captivating grin have blinded those long line of celebrities.

Last but not least are pairings that I hope are meant for each other since they make such gorgeous, loving and perfect couples, this for the fact that both partners looked as gorgeous as the other. Well, I will not bet my life on how long their relationships will last but here are their photos for your enjoyment at least. I can bet at least one of them will break up within the next one year though. Who wants to take my bet? ;)

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  • At 3:49 PM, Blogger Jos said…

    To my idea the age-gap of some 15 to 20 years can work very well. An older man marries a younger girl. He has the means to guide her through life with his experience. She will keep himm young and fresh and his mind working.

    He will than die, however sad, l giving up his place in the life of the girl for someone else, preferably a younger fellow, whom she can train to the needs of a woman.

    As sson as she dies away, the man is olde enough to look for a younger girl!

    Till death do us part in a natural way.

    Saludos from the Netherlands

  • At 9:12 AM, Blogger eeleyelee said…

    For Hollywood, a marriage that can cast some limelight on a person, even for a while, is a good marriage. Nevermind who the partner is. Of course, if he/she is handsome/beautiful, it'll be a bonus ;)


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