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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Christmas & Snow in Singapore

Its snowing in Singapore! For a country on top of the equator, it is amazing how one can still enjoy four seasons. I went to the top of Mt Faber after one hectic Thurs night to find out that patrons are required to pay $3 per entry to experience the snow show that is held at 8pm, 9.30pm & 11.30pm. The entrance fee can be contraed off against any drinks or meal purchased on top of the hill. Just like it's name, 'The Jewel Box' was a very beautiful restaurant with amazing view of the night skyline. It overlooks the serenely lighted Sentosa Island and HarbourFront. Lights from the ships that docked by the island gave the sea a beautiful shimmering silhoutte.

At 9.30pm, when the music started, we knew it was the beginning of snow in Mt Faber. Kids were running around trying to cusp snow in their delicate but chilly hands. Santa claus and santa angels were strolling ard giving a more christmas like adventure with kids asking to take photos with them, ven tho I wished the santa was giving away presents rather than taking money from kids parents to buy the photos. Snow made of foam were falling from the rooftop blown by huge fans to create that snowing effect which I deem was almost real, well at least better than the small round styrofoam used in other places.

The surprise of the night did not end there as while relishing dinner, one guy suddenly when onstage to dedicate & sing 2 love song to his beloved girlfriend which he then followed with a proposal on bended knee. this indeed stamp a mark on The Jewel Box as one of the most romantic spots in Singapore.

Last but not least, a visit to Mt Faber will not be complete without a visit to their spacious opened-concept toilet in which the walls are made of glass so that users can relish the panaromic view below.

It is funny how a country that I would deem impersonal due to its bullish and fast-moving nature will not compromise on slowing down to create the magic of christmas. Neon bulbs of various colors light the streets everywhere and peeking into every building presents a sight of tall christmas tree with amazing ornaments to behold. I savour the sights when I walk past the lobbies of big office towers when I head home late at night. I have yet to explore the wonders of Orchard Road when it is in all its glory. More to come....


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