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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Involved in Incubation for MDA Singapore

Things have been moving at bullet train speed the moment I arrived at Singapore and before I know it, I am given the chance to help structure an incubation/venture funding organization that has been given SGD500,000 to incubate 10 or more start-ups under the direction of Media Authority Development(MDA) of Singapore. And that is on top of the current work load I have from my new job in i-POP Networks , writing for Mobile World and being the Chief Editor for the not-for-profit organization, Project:Senso.

MDA has allocated $50 million in the development of their Interactive Digital Media (IDM) sector concentrating on new media and latest digital technologies. I am proud to be given the opportunity to be part of the action, allowing me to collaborate and network with people in the high-tech sector in Singapore and start-ups who wants to get funding for their digital and new media projects. To support this initiative, Project:Senso has been selected as the platform to build and nurture this group of technology entrepreneurs and even I am given the opportunity to come up with my technology business ideas and tap into this vast amount of funding. My problem is lack of time, resources and even ideas to come up with a great business plan that I can have a proper management team to work with. Thus, please contact me if anyone has a great business idea related to the IDM sector with the potential to benefit both Singapore, Malaysia and even global market. I would like to hear from you and craft a business plan to win some funding.

Project:Senso together with the incubation company has come up with a few types of projects that we will focus on, all which coincidentally fall within my area of passion and interest:
a) Digital Media including TV production and online games using new contents or concepts
b) Web 2.0
c) Mobile

Project:Senso will also spearhead a few events that will drive the technology uptake of people in Singapore as well as creating an avenue for them to mingle with like-minded people. A few projects have been lined up and I had the opportunity to view and analyze all of them. It is amazing how much benefits technology can do for a country and you never know how much the young and IT-centric crowd can take the helm and elevate the country to a higher level of creativity and innovation. This is what I call government outsourcing their brains to the youth which is fine by me given the amount of exposure I am getting now. :)

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