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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Tash: Aw-e Inspiring Journey

Garbed in a smart casual dark blue shirt, he looked so much smarter than his photo in The Star boldly titled "RM3.5 million Man". That kind of title would catch anyone's attention and to know that the one man who achieved this feat is no businessman or celebrity but a down-to-earth, shy writer in Malaysia who is now in London promoting his debut book entitled "Harmony Silk Factory". Waking up enthusiastic, I went to his appearence in KL Writer's Circle hoping to get some inspiration from a book writer who ahd made it big internationally and I did not come home dissapointed.

Disciplined, determined and dear, these are three words I would use to describe him. He looked and sound just like any other normal guy walking by the street, not anyone you moght give a second glance to but his dreams and desires were larger than so many of us put together. This is one guy who dared to dream and went after his dream. Here is one guy that inspired us all in one room, not because we want to earn big money from writing books but because we want to make our country proud writing good books that will last a lifetime. Books that you would show to your grandkids no matter what age they are and books that potray the real history and highlights of our beloved country.

He related how he planted a banana tree at the garden of his house, staring at the tree whenever he can. How he would wrap the banana tree with scarfs and cotton wools when the winter season starts and how he would sit down by the tree whenever he misses Malaysia. That was the closest thing he could have to his home country.

He related how he would write and write since he was young and how he would practise his writing in many variety of ways, and how he would nervously approach people he would not have approach just so that he could get his 'break'. How he worked in editorial companies and how his heart aches whenever he sees manuscript being thrown aside into a store-room. Getting your 'break' is hard-work but it does require some luck especially when you hope to find an agent who has the same taste of writing that you have. Any advise from a man who have made it is worth listening to.

I left the room in awe. Coming up is a photo of me and him taken in MPH 1-Utama. (would not have posted my photo but have to make this an exception)

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  • At 2:08 PM, Blogger Oon said…

    I wish I could have been there... but unfortunately I couldn't attend that session of the Writers' Circle.

  • At 9:47 PM, Blogger princessE said…

    Don't worry. He will be back :) Hope your leg is curing


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