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Friday, July 01, 2005

Blinding Spirit of Humility

The trickle of coins falling into his mug sounded like music to his ears just like how the music of the orchestra and chirpings of the birds in the morning resonates melodiously into our ears. He could smell the aroma of curry puff being sold by the streets or the stench of the murky waters in the drains stronger than any of us could. He sensed the sourness of mango or the sweetness of potatoes in higher appreciation than all of us could. However, he could never witness for himself the big blue sky when the clouds lift or the fresh green grass of the wide expanse of fields around us. He knows how you look by touching your features, he could even hear your smile but he would never be able to describe the colour of your clothes or the highlights on your hair.

Yet, when coins were dropped into his bowl, his only source of income for food, he smiled so genuinely and offered me a box of tissues. I declined, the fact that I helped him is reward enough for me.

I tread the busy streets of Masjid Jamek every morning before I go to work. The intersection of trains gave me the opportunity to absorb the livelihood of human all around me with their various idiosyncrities: little kids helping their mother sell nasi lemak and kuih by the streets, cars zooming past like there is no tomorrow and pedestrians crossing the streets irrespective of how fast the cars sped past. However, the sights that hold me the most would be the sights of these groups of blind people who go around taking the lrt, crossing the streets and talking to one another just like any normal human do effortlessly. Their strength and faith impress me as they group together to help each other take the right lrt and cross the streets prudently. I laud the government for preparing facilities that take into account these people with disabilities. The announcement of the station names, the provision of seats for the disabled, toilet seats for the disabled and the automatic stairs that fetch those on wheelchair have been a regular occurence to us so much so that we are oblivious to their benefits to those who could not live without them.

I bask in the glory of knowing that I had done my part every now and then for those people in need.(and I am not talking about donations!) We just need more samaritans in the country and the world. :)

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