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Saturday, February 10, 2007

My Amazing Asia Race

The journey has ended, the show has ended on a remarkable note with an all-girls team winnning the Amazing Race Asia for the first time in history. And I am proud to announce that the winner is from Malaysia - Zabrina and Joe Jer from Kuching, Sarawak. Way to go, Malaysia! This really proves that Malaysia boleh and if not for Francesca and Sandy getting an earlier headstart, the first runner up would have been the efferversant couple from Malaysia too: Andrew and Syeon, a very down-to-earth and likeable couple who looks like they will go far with their great mental ability, physique and stamina.

I have never been so involved in a project than this, but instead of watvhing them runnning the race on tv or in countries where they tread, I ran my own race to get the project that I was doing for Amazing Race launched. Despite not launching it even until today (!!!), I am glad that it is a project that has put me through sleepless nights and nights of staying back in office to know that every little bit of effort I put goes nearer to launching this wapsite. And I hope that every sweat I put brings happiness to some people who wants to get a piece of Amazing Race Asia through the wapsite and downloads. It motivated me so much I was willing to sleep late everynight and wake early with the thoughts of what to do and KPIs to achieve for the day. It's a great feeling!

I have been following the journey of the contestants through video streaming clips I have to test on handsets (my mini tv) and least expected the 2 girls to win. But I guess preserverance wins the race and this is what I will be doing now. To presevere and continue doing what I enjoy doing and hoping that despite everything, my dreams will come true one day. That will I will reach the finishing line, emerging a champion. So, check out the wapsite at Congrats, Zabrina and Joe Jer. Now, if only I can get hold of one of the show recaps.

View one of the videos that I will be providing on the Sony AXN wapsite here - the host is cute ;)