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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Music and Friends Heal the Soul

Do you wonder how sometimes music prodigies like Jay Chow come up with music so melodious to the ears and so comforting to the soul it feels like the songs were actually giving you a hug or stroking your broken heart? Or perhaps it's just me. But so happens everytime I feel like the world is tumbling down on me, his music just makes it all the better again. And I could just put a smile on my lips and a brave front to face the world.

Unbeknownst to me, events of recent weeks have brought me down and made me questioned the meaning of life. I bet each and everyone of you have gone through moments like these only to be reminded that moments like these make the happiness that comes thereafter more the sweeter. I believe that every cloud has a silver lining and if at this point of time, something bad happen to you and you do the right thing about it(even if it is bad), something better will come your way.

Don't believe me? I know of many circumstances in life that could have made me cry and cringe in horror but instead, I came out even stronger than ever before. I remembered once when I was robbed of a huge sum of my personal belongings(trust me, it was HUGE and they were not only my money!), I felt stinging pain everyday when I wake from my sleep. Every morning when I my eyes opened, I was reminded of the terror that happened to me and I could not think of ways to get the money back in such a short period. It was during these tough times that I fpund out how strong I actually am, how I strived to work part-time to get the money back in 1 month, how my friends supported me through these rough times and best of all, I found my love soon after. They always say good friends laugh with you but only true friends cry with you. And these people are truly my true friends. I can never thank them enough. You girls know who you are. ;)

So, cheer up and see the bright side of life. They will always be a bright side if you choose to see only that side. As for me, a little music would not hurt.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

I See Him Sleep

It's 5:56am now and I still could not sleep. Slightly down, my thoughts flashed to the past, creating some poetic lines. These are times when I could not sleep even though my partner was lying beside me.....

I can hear his snore
If only he could hear my sobs
His eyes shut so close
My eyeballs rolled like balls

What are his dreams now
I wondered
Could it be me?
Could it be someone else?

I wished I could disturb his slumber
Or whisper into his ears
To let him share my burden
That weighs the world down on me
But I just let him be
Sleeping like a baby
My precious baby :)

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Princess and the Chocolate Fondue

If you had watched "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory", you would be able to relate to my cravings for chocolate last week. And it was in Shangri-la Hotel's Lemon Grass Cafe that I satisfied my cravings. A chocolate fondue almost 2 meters high perched mightily in front of the starving guests. Even a fitness freak like me could not bear the thought of not having a second or even third helping of the strawberries and marshmallows dipped in deliriously tasty milky chocolate that was so good it tasted like it was imported straight from the chocolate factory in Australia or Sweden.

The chocolate melted onto my lovely green tea ice-cream and formed a hard coating that broke easily the moment I dipped my spoon into it. The crispness of the chocolate against the softness of the vanilla/green tea/chocolate chips ice-cream was heavenly.

The rest of the food was also good. The high-tea(lunch) buffet priced at RM68++ would be a treat for oyster, mussels and salmon lovers as I see many pilling up their plates with these delicacies. Let's call these people "smartly kiasu" or better still "kiasuly smart". You know wat I mean ;)

I would give them the thumbs up for being able to fit so many variety of food from so many countries all over the world in one large cafe. I was so stuffed I could barely walk after the meal, but of coz I did. To exercise off the extra calories. Here's to 2 more rounds on the treadmill for this 1 day of chocolatey indulgence.

So what's wrong with taking a little bit more chocolate every once in a while? Sometimes in life, you gotta indulge. Taking from Cadbury's quotes "Live Life Happy".

Thursday, September 08, 2005

MyWordUp's 5th Birthday Bash

Yep, I finally perked up my courage to attend a session of MyWordUp gathering considering I was invited by non-other than the glamorous cyber-celebrity TV Smith. For those who don't know, MyWordUp started as a Yahoo Group for aspiring writers. I joined few months back because your royal highness have been wanting to learn the ropes of writing and to have a support group for my writing endeavours. Well, if only I can write more and with better skills.

It was held in this mamak called Yatra in Seri Hartamas. I had considered joining their gathering many times but felt intimidated what with their highly intellectual talks about book editing, movie producing or film-making. Have never considered myself too much of an artsy type but every once in a while I do get the pangs to be one. Anyway, to my suprise, this group of people are just like any ordinary Ah Kau, Raju and Ahmad. People here range from lawyers, PR assistants to writers, bloggers (like me) and many others. Conversations were fun and range from the insipid to the very exciting. Generally everything under the sun. I came home feeling happy, knowing a group of friends who I can exchange notes, phone numbers and everything else.

If ever you would like to join us, don't hesitate. Just join the Yahoo group first. It could have started as a group of friends who shared the passion for writing but is expanding to many different styles and idiosyncracies.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

National Day: Tribulations of a Long Distance Relationship

I remember distinctively each year of my National Day celebration but the one that I could never forget is the one that I missed all the joy and glory in celebrating our nation's birthday with my (now) ex-boyfriend. Reason being I was having too much fun having a mini-celebration with my Malaysian friends in Melbourne, Australia. I was doing my final year studies there then. It was fun, enjoyable, so much so that I forgot how much it must have hurt if I was on the other side of the fence. To be waiting for the girlfriend to come online just to chat, to have noone to celebrate the special day with, to know that the one he loved the most is having fun somewhere in a distant country without his girlfriend by his side. I did not realise the harm I have done until he told me how enjoyable it was for him to hear the sounds of fireworks going off near his room all by himself.

I did not know then but I do now. And that is why I am tearing and watching fireworks all by myself this year. I understand now :(