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Friday, November 05, 2010


10 years passed but nothing changed
Beneath your smile, you hide an uncanny misery
A facade you put on for the longest time
I have no right to ask if you are really happy

Where did the twinkle in you eyes go
When we were both walking towards the door of happiness
When suddenly the door closed on us
While we are both not on the same side

Where is the promised happiness
And the plans we both made
Where did it evaporate to
Can we find it back once more

Decade passed without a closure
When can we both find happiness
While we both pretend we are contented
Yet deeper inside we both know
Can we rewind time to 10 years back?

**A song by Jay Chou composed for Jolin Tsai with the same title 'Rewind'

**Below is the actual lyrics from the song:

I’ve had enough waiting for your so-called arrangement
The future that you spoke of, just how long will it take
Always have to wait till it’s too late to realize that I’m lovable
I want to depend on you, but you’re not there

The places that are supposed to be happy
All that you gave was nothing
Staring off into space by myself on holidays
Can’t find someone to accompany me to watch the sea
I’m standing outside the door of happiness
But haven’t been able to enter inside
The pain that you have cumulatively inflicted
It’s really hard for me to be released from it

* I finally realized that love cannot return
And you are always understanding too late
Only in the end do you speak your mind
Crying and begging me to stay
I finally realized that love cannot return
There are too many obstacles in front of us
But your hand cannot let go
You’d rather be shameless, begging me not to leave

You always want me to be obedient, slowly planning the future
But my tears were constantly streaming down
In the past how have you displayed the trust that you were supposed to give
I’ve been slowly pushed off a cliff directly by you

From the paleness of my face
Can see the memories slowing down
The sweetness of the past is rewinding
But the feelings are already not present
And the hopes that I have placed in you
Have been shattered by you time and again
It’s already broken into too many pieces
How can they be put back together and resumed again