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Friday, June 24, 2005

Datuk vs Mass Community - Maxis AGM

Well, what else can I rant about since I am not at PPS 2nd anniversary bash. Was intending to go but my friend could not make it, plus I really do not know how to get there. Well, hope that we can have another gathering soon. Would like to meet fellow bloggers who share the same passion as I do.

First let me just inform you that my blog concentrates on imparting ramblings on my life that I learn from and motivate others to do the same.

Attended the Maxis AGM for the first time today and would like to mention how I noticed the differences between those highly ranked people of Maxis and those shareholders or proxies who came every once a year to complain on every minute details they can find about Maxis. I was ablre to group those who stood up to complain into 4 types: Housewife, Business Analyst, Accountant and Businessman, all retired from their current professions. You could see how tantrums and complains were thrown all over the room by a slight frustration while lining up to get their door gift. And to think that the shareholders are getting RM100 worth of doorgifts like SIM, 3G SIMs and Hotel food voucher, they still manage to complain on every single detail. I was impressed by the way the Datuk Sri Megat who was the chairman of Maxis answered with such composure even though the reputation of his company has been tarnished by the strong words used by the fellow speakers. I believe he understood the importance of their comments and the value their investment bring to the company and would listen and learn from every point. The CEO, CFO and CTO of Maxis also spoke up, spewing as much facts and data as they can to back up their claims and to refute the frustrations of the shareholders. These truly sets them apart, professionalism at their best. I was in awe and respected the leaders of Maxis for taking accountability for all feedback and gracefully answered all queries. I also truly admire the fellow shareholders for speaking up. They managed to voice up their frustration noone among the staff could have done, fearing that we would be fired if we do. However, these feedbacks are those that help us grow and improve.

People in an organisation have been trained to work and listen, decision-making is a rarity here. (well, now you know which company I work for). People are afraid to take accountability and responsibility, creating a community that is complacent. I do hope that not all of us employees are like that or else how would we grow the company? The employees are the asset of a company and everyone should not only work but add value to the company. In an organization, there are 3 different types of people: one who does what is expected, one who does less than expected and one who does more than expecetd. The last group is the ones who will add value and improve the organization as a whole. Be the one who does more that is expected in order to go far. Even if you don't, at least you can say you contributed and learnt. :)

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Tash: Aw-e Inspiring Journey

Garbed in a smart casual dark blue shirt, he looked so much smarter than his photo in The Star boldly titled "RM3.5 million Man". That kind of title would catch anyone's attention and to know that the one man who achieved this feat is no businessman or celebrity but a down-to-earth, shy writer in Malaysia who is now in London promoting his debut book entitled "Harmony Silk Factory". Waking up enthusiastic, I went to his appearence in KL Writer's Circle hoping to get some inspiration from a book writer who ahd made it big internationally and I did not come home dissapointed.

Disciplined, determined and dear, these are three words I would use to describe him. He looked and sound just like any other normal guy walking by the street, not anyone you moght give a second glance to but his dreams and desires were larger than so many of us put together. This is one guy who dared to dream and went after his dream. Here is one guy that inspired us all in one room, not because we want to earn big money from writing books but because we want to make our country proud writing good books that will last a lifetime. Books that you would show to your grandkids no matter what age they are and books that potray the real history and highlights of our beloved country.

He related how he planted a banana tree at the garden of his house, staring at the tree whenever he can. How he would wrap the banana tree with scarfs and cotton wools when the winter season starts and how he would sit down by the tree whenever he misses Malaysia. That was the closest thing he could have to his home country.

He related how he would write and write since he was young and how he would practise his writing in many variety of ways, and how he would nervously approach people he would not have approach just so that he could get his 'break'. How he worked in editorial companies and how his heart aches whenever he sees manuscript being thrown aside into a store-room. Getting your 'break' is hard-work but it does require some luck especially when you hope to find an agent who has the same taste of writing that you have. Any advise from a man who have made it is worth listening to.

I left the room in awe. Coming up is a photo of me and him taken in MPH 1-Utama. (would not have posted my photo but have to make this an exception)

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Combating With The Best

First things first, I have been meaning to post photos for a long time but I have yet to obtain a brand new PC to replace my kaput (broken down) one. And I could find no way to use Hello from my office. Thus, please bear with me while I keep posting only words.

Gym was my erstwhile companion since 1 and a half years ago, providing me with the pleasure of consuming as many 100 plus as I like, poring sweat on the not so clean work-out equipments, absorbing the hydrating air in the steam room or choking myself in the heated sauna room. Haven't been to the gym from the past 3 months, I felt like my body just came out of a box after going through an ardous 1-hour body combat class. The class was made more worth while when I came out sweating and aching at certain parts of my body.

When the body combat instructor first came in, my first thought was that she was a new amateur Chinese-educated teacher going through her first few clases. Boy, was I wrong! Proved that you can never judge a book by its cover. Garbed in a bikini style top and very hip hipsters, she started off well, greeting us with a flashingly blinding smile. I was hooked from the start. Half-way through the class, I found myself suprisingly stroking every movements, kicks and punches included as hard and precise as I possibly can, accompanied with shouts and screams prompted by the intensity of the instructor. She bore an uncanny feistiness beyond her small frame and her extreme energy gave us all the needed jolt to get out of our lazy frame of mind into a I-can-do-it-all attitude. I ralated this to something I just read. That to be able to influence and inspire, you need to be the best that you can be in the right field. Add a pinch of passion and you are on your way to success. For a small responsibility of teaching a small group of karate kid wannabe, she displayed enermous passion and power. She fully inspired me to have a body like hers with killer curves even down to the amazing tatoo insribed around her right hip.

I learnt and gained a lot from a small session in Fitness First, just like what their tagline says: "Be Yourself, Only Better"! Will I ever leave Fitness First? Well, that will be a question you have to ask my friends who labelled me fitness freak. :)

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

What Happened to "Till Death Do Us Part"?

Felt like blogging on a lighter, more subdued note today. Hey, a girl needs a chick lit too every once in a while. Anyway, my head was heavy from the regular mind-numbing sessions at office meetings and never ending deadlines when I decided to take a stroll (not by the park) but in the bookstore. If you are to ask me the two happy places that I go to, I will have the answer for you at the back of my mind: McDonalds and Kinokuniya :)

So, here I was browsing through the magazine racks when I saw a really nice photo of Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey unhappily together. And this coming from the ever-loving couple of Hollywood that shows so much passion in public. Well, anyway, I was not suprised as knowing Hollywood, the next thing to do after marriage is none other than divorce. And they just love repeating the cycle all over again.

And it is not only couples getting divorce that is in trend, it is also couples getting hitched at a such a far age gap, think Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher (huh! mother and son?) and the latest pairings of none other than Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Well, I like Katie for her annoyingly cute demeanor and her lovely chiselled cheeks but even I would have expected her to be smarter than to fall for Tom's playing ways. Or perhaps his flashing smile and captivating grin have blinded those long line of celebrities.

Last but not least are pairings that I hope are meant for each other since they make such gorgeous, loving and perfect couples, this for the fact that both partners looked as gorgeous as the other. Well, I will not bet my life on how long their relationships will last but here are their photos for your enjoyment at least. I can bet at least one of them will break up within the next one year though. Who wants to take my bet? ;)