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Saturday, May 26, 2007

My Cool Little Start-Up

To me, this is a stamp of achievement. To be part of something of my own, to have people believe in what I will produce and to have control over the whole process of creation was something I have always thought I wanted to do but not something I thought would happen so soon, at the mere age of 28. Of course it has not fully materialize yet but it will happen, and I have to have faith in it.

I am talking about my own venture, a project I am doing on a part-time basis. The pet project is called LocAsian - a location based platform I am building with a team of incredibly intelligent Singaporeans, and I am proud to be part of this dynamic team. We are providing an underlying technology that marries a hybrid of location based technology to enable various applications plug into our system for location identification - allowing you to be able to identify the location of your users wherever they are, whenever they want and whoever they want to track.

What I bring to the table is my vast experience and knowledge in the mobile industry plus the connections and the rest of the team consists of technology developers to marketers, branding consultants, strategic thinkers and fund managers. True that I have not gone through the nitty gritty of selling this product to venture capitalists but I will and that is where the challenge will come in.

I was given a booth in the Microfunding Launch under Media Development Authority (MDA) in MICA building where all start-ups that are potentially being incubated are placed in various booths to explain their product to willing investors and users. I was excited about the prospect of having my own little space and was glad that the crowd was very kind and receptive. They asked questions ranging from how does the technology work to how are you differentiating yourself from the other providers to how do you make a user wants to use it? I convinced so many people without divulging too much information as my competitor was also in the same area. I was so proud of myself when I got a few important people who expressed interest to know more on the product and to collaborate. Talk about the power of bullshit. :P

I will not disclose so much as the product is not even launched or released yet. I am not sure how this will pan but I will give my all. All I am saying is just like how I did not expect to be able to afford my first dream car before the age of 30, I also did not expect this to happen at this speed. I have so much more to do now but so much more excited about life. So, while some people are planning for marriage and having babies at this age of mine, my sense of achievement and satisfaction comes from something altogether different, but satisfying anyhow. Contact me if you wanna know more or seek areas of collaboration. :)

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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Journey through the slums of Singapore

Hidden in an alley somewhere in this clean efficient country called Singapore is a slightly down-trodden but bustlingly busy place called Geylang. If you are sick and tired of the country's cleanliness and efficiency and want to see a different side of the country, go to none other than Geylang where people of different colored hair and skin gather to check out what the ladies there have to offer. And boy was I surprised to see how pretty, slim and sexy those ladies who are parading themselves all along the slums they call Geylang. Most of them are these pretty, young, nubile thing, some look as though they just came out from school, trying to make a living for themselves.

To me, it was like a beauty pageant, in fact even better than beauty pageant as the girls are so gorgeous they can beat some of the pageant participants flat. Naughty me stopped at the corner, wanting to snap some photos of the beautifully seductive gals and got scolded by one of the pimps. And even more suprising, the pimp was so well-educted, he spoke to me in fluent english, a little on the angry side but still English, not Singlish. It's a good thing he did not take my camera away or else it will be war between the Princess and the Pimp.

Girls were dressed as little to be as exposed as possible. If you think doing a business is competitive, try prostituting. With the huge arrays of girls in the tiniest skirts and large over-blown boobs, the guys with high libidos are spoilt for choice. The prices of some of them can go up to $200 per session of course, not all pocketed by the gals who have to do all the hard and dirty work but also the agent who brought them into the country in the first place. It's a tough life but interesting for me to watch from afar how the interested guys bargined for their best prize and price. This could be the only place you can see a guy bargaining so hard.

There were also parlours where the doors are transparent and the entrance is resort-like, attracting guys who are too shy to bargain outside but instead prefer to go into the comforts of a motel to select the girl they like from a panel displayed on a tv screen. The selected girl can then do whatever the master orders in the comfort of the same room, charged at maybe $20 per hour. Imagine the time limit they have if they are stingy!

Well, it was a night well-spent seeing a different side of SG after seeing the elegant and nouveau side for so long. And don't get me wrong, I didn’t end the night checking out any more than the girls. ;)

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

200 Pounds Beauty Byul Music Video sang by Kim Ah-Joong

Have you ever had the urge to confess your feelings to the one you love but had never had the guts to? Do you know how hard it is to hide your feelings? Sometimes, some people will always remain a STAR in your life.