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Thursday, January 29, 2009

My favorite scene in The Wedding Game

This is my favorite scene from the movie 'The Wedding Game'. In the movie, she was spinning around in her wedding gown, surrounded with rose petals which were lifted up from the ground due to her spinning. It resonates the essence of the female lead being carefree and uplifted, as if she has no worries in the world being next to her husband-to-be who was ready to pull her into his arms once she is ready. It reflected the groom's ever-readiness to protect the bride while allowing her to soak in the moment when she wants to. The director directed and the photographer captured the perfect moment through this photo, it says so much yet the protagonists did so little. The miraculous part is the couple was still bickering with each other when this photo was shot but there were no signs of resentment in this photo at all. This shows how pure the simplest act of wearing a bridal gown can enact the most joyouus feeling of all be it from the bride as well as the groom.

I count my blessings everyday as my relationship with my fiance is like that. He lets me be yet is always there for me when I need him. Without being too egoistic, he has a strong protective nature hidden beneath his sentiments and kind heart. I am truly fortunate to have met someone like him who could give me our own Wedding of the Year. :)


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Movie Premiere of Wedding Game

Walking down the aisle towards the gold class cinema in GSC Pavillion KL was like a dream come true for me, especially since I have yet to watch any movies in this cinema before. I arrived at the VIP lounge, mingling with the press and crowds who are waiting for the arrival of the two lead actor and actress of the movie 'The Wedding Game' - Christopher Lee (a Malacaa born actor who made made it big in Singapore) and Fann Wong (who wouldn't know her!) while sipping champagne and wine. The stars of the show were almost star-struck when they were interviewed beside one another. Christopher Lee was very energetic and was jooking at every questions while his on-screen off-screen partner was a little more reserved, fielding the interview questions gently. However, I liked their humbleness and down-to-earth attitude which was displayed when they greeted and thanked each and every participants who took photos with them. Guess they appreciate their fans which is real important for any celebrity.

The movie however fell below my expectations. So much hype and fanfare before the movie probably lifted everyone's expectations of the movie. There was not much character development except for the part where Fann (Vicki) stalked Chris (Jack) just to find out that he secretly buys food for the old folks every morning when he goes jogging.

A big part of the movie focused on their bickering which was quite funny at some parts while others just fell flat. Pardon me, but most parts, both the bickering and falling in love with each other was not as believable as I hoped it to be. Well, they both make a cute couple both on and off-screen but I can't help but think how similar the theme of the movie is to real life where the directors (in the case of the movieis their assistants) are just banking on the popularity of the stars of the show who are getting married this year as well to rake in as much moolah as possible before the actual wedding takes place. I would say it is indeed a smart move as in the world of entertainment, anyone would do the same.

I have to say though that they did such a good job shooting scenes of Malacca along with the traditional harmonious scene of a multi racial community dancing together speaking different languages. I am so proud to hear smatterings of Malay and Cantonese in the movie potraying how multi lingual we are. I particularly liked the scene at the beach during sunset and the observation tower overlooking the straits of Malacca. I could relate to the act of wanting to be with someone because you want to be part of a warm family and to recreate the same family with the one you love. Reason why I have never stayed long with a partner who is not close to his family or comes from a cold family. I really think your family moulds you, makes you who you are. The closer you are to your family, the more responsible and respectful you become. And I have to particularly rave about her wedding gowns, so beautiful and one of a kind.

So, watch this is you fancy a wedding and to see a cute couple bickering non-stop and to listen to its beautiful locally made soundtrack. And if you are eager for your own dream wedding, it is worth a visit to the cinema.


Sunday, January 11, 2009

What Makes Singapore

A straight, good-looking male friend of mine (who came to Singapore as a student exchange) said today 'The only reason I go to a gay bar is because everyone here is so cold and robotic that a gay bar is the only place I could find a little bit of warmth, passion and emotion.'

Man, to know that one had to go to the extent of going to a gay bar just to get a squeeze of emotion from this cold heartless country. Makes me think did all those bitches in Singapore made the male population in Singapore gay? And how do we retort to that. 'We have been conditioned to be like that by our dear Mr Lee.'

It is undeniable that Singapore is a country that has people without a lot of heart and emotion. Every nuggets of emotion has been replaced with practicality to make a living, esp when the people here stress on having a good life. I find females here tougher than males, even stronger and more outspoken, competitive and independent. The reason being they came out of university much earlier than the male and thus started working and earning a lot more moeny before the male who just got out of National Service 2 years later could catch up. Some of the males even lost their concentration to study and end up not continuing their degree and just started working or bumming around right after their national duty. By not having a degree, I feel that males will lose out a lot more as no career nowadays accept anyone without a degree. Of course they can start their own business but with success rates of 1 out of 10 businesses, they either make it really big or not at all. I am not suprised why marriages between 2 Singaporeans usually end up in divorce, sorry to say that.

When I chat with my Singapore girlfriend, I could actually tell her everything but there are no emotions involved, lack of compassion, almost factual. I like it that way cos I am like that too. Tell your problems, get it out of the way and move on with your life! Don't let these emotional bullshit block you from what is more important and productive. work needs to be done, the clock ticks and bread still needs to be on the table. Maybe that is why I feel I fit into Singapore. But when you do get to know a good Singaporean friend, they will be really thoughtful and nice, meaning they know how to be a good person and friend which is what I can't find in a Malaysian sometimes. Malaysians tend to have a lot of heart but unable to do the right thing sometimes.

So, what exactly is Singapore? A country with its own drink called the Singapore Sling (btw, Singapoore even introduced their own shawl called the Singapore Shawl which to me looks like batik), a country that has a myriad of people from all over the world congregating in one small island creating a multicultural kids of sorts and a country that you can find people queuing for food even though it takes more than 20 minutes to get your food during the rush hour. I love Singapore for its variety of food which some are pretty tasty. But what a lot of people agree makes Singapore unique is how the city and nature co-exist so closely together. Due to its lack of space, city planning is extremely careful to include greenery in every urban development creating a modern city co-existing with nature. It is not suprising to find parks and trees in between marble floors and cement bridges in between forest and jungles. Going into Singapore from the Changi airport is indeed beautiful due to the pine trees lining both side of the streets when one travels along the road out of the airport. It just welcomes everyone into the country and sets the ambience of the country. If you have watched 'The Leap Years', you should agree that the director did a good job highlighting the most amazing and scenic parts of Singapore seen from places you don't think of going. I loved the scene where the 2 forlorn lovebirds sat on the rooftop watching the stars with the backdrop of OCBC Bank and the lights at Boat Quay. Also beautiful is how the bride ran across the bridge with the Esplanade in the background in the middle of pouring rain. I really think that movie personified Singapore at its best.

This is what Singapore is about to me. Not the coldness, not the drinks or food, not the people but the great planning of the place to make it safe and comfortable for everyone to live in. Most important of all, how beautiful such a small island can be with such scarce land.


Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Some Things Never Change

When you yearn for someone so bad and could not get it, all you can do sometimes is to go back to places that bring back those memories. with that special person One of the place that I returned to during my trip back to Malaysia was a mamak in one corner of Paramount that serves the best Milo Ais I have tasted in the whole of Malaysia. And it is with this memory that I ventured to Petaling Jaya one fine day to salvage those memories again. 7 or more years have passed since I last stepped into that mamak and I rounded a big part of Petaling Jaya to remember where it was. In my mind, I was expecting to find an empty plot of land where the mamak used to sit with its tables jutting out into the streets of Paramount. I was half expecting to see a new Chinese restaurant or Chinese association taking the place that used to be the hang out place of many PJ-ers and Cybercafe visitors nearby. And I was expecting to get dissapointed over the loss of one mamak that hold so many of my precious memories and laughters as well as serving my all-time favorite and chocolatey Milo Ais.

Imagine my suprise and happiness when I saw the same mamak that I used to frequent standing there with the same number of tables lining the roads and the same aroma of Milo and fried chicken wafting into the air. 7 years and yet here is the same mamak operating day after day for the last 7 years or more even without I and my friends going. Wow! And I have changed so many jobs and partners already while this mamak stood strong against the test of time. The best part was when I ordered the Milo Ais, expecting the quality to have deteriorated over time (it is only normal), imagine my suprise when I found that the Milo Ais taste exactly the same, just as tasty, as chocolatey with the right amount of density one could ask for from a Milo. I slurped the Milo Ais enthusiastically, taking in the familiarity of it all, the aroma of the drinks, the noise of the crowd, the crispiness of the fried chicken served with the Nasi Lemak Ayam and the mysterious ways of how the guys here tend to be a bit more outspoken and observant that most guys in other mamaks. Even the VCD shop that I frequent 7 years ago after having drinks in that mamak is still there, its lights as brightly lit as ever. I can't believe my eyes when I see how nothing has changed over the years and even the consistency of the Milo powder and condensed milk in the Milo Ais was just as good.

That night, my questions were answered. Even though I have left so many wonderful memories in that mamak alone, I have so many more good memories after leaving that mamak which was different and just as exciting. All my pasts made me who I am and I wonder what would have happened had I not left that mamak sometimes. However, I have to be thankful that I did and now I am frequenting new mamak, cafes and bars that has given me new perspectives in life. I am thankful for my special one who was willing to drive me almost across half of the country to get to a place which he knows does not have any inkling whatsoever with the memories of him. And no matter how much I miss those old memories, it is the new experiences with my special one that I am looking forward to and excited about. And as he said, the past made us who we are today but it is the future that make it much more exciting. Some things never change but when it does, people will adapt and look forward to the change.

However, some things like the Milo Ais just never change ;)

"It's not about who's right for you, it's about who makes it right with you. "- from a contestant of Cornetto Love Perhaps on NTV7


How to Get Good Endorphins

When it happens to others, I would never expect it to happen to myself, especially when I hear those news on TV from my comfortable 5-star hotel room during my previous business trip to Shanghai. At times like these, I can't help but think of ways of how I can get good endorphins and remain positive so that I do not consume myself with negative and detrimental feelings. Well, as people say, there is always worse to happen right?

So I have listed below ways to get those good endorphins:
1. Working out at the gym always does it. I always make it a point to attend those gym classes with 'smiley' instructors. I exceptionally like this instructor of 'Body Attack' and 'Body Pump' in my True Fitness gym who has an unerasable smile on his face and never ending stamina to push the most out of everyone in the class. Seeing his fair and sunbeamed face already make me happy, moreover with his witty and cheerful remarks.
2. Watching Rachael Ray - yes, this affable lady always make my day not only with her fantastic and delicious recipes from Honey Chicken Mustard to the loveliest pastas but her cheery cherubic face makes it easier for me to lay my eyes on her. She has the cheekiest smile and her pleasantry emanates all over when she interviews celebrities.
3. Surround yourself with people in the same predicament or at least people who are positive minded. The former will understand what you are going through and will be able to say things that you can relate to. The latter will not understand completely but will be able to make situations less bleak so that you can see the silver lining. Either way works :)
4. Listen to good music - It is without a doubt the music heals the soul and by listening to happy music that give one hope, esp the fast ones they play in my gym class never cease to create the happy endorphins in me. It is as though the whole world turned bright by listening to the right songs. One of my feel-good song is above: Matchbox 20 - Let's See How Far We've Come
5. Blog/write a diary - the effects of pouring your heart out on a piece of paper helps as you can talk about your problem/crush/frustration without hiding anything. The end of the blog/diary always end with positive reinforcements which makes things positive and better. Having friends comment on the blog posts makes it even better as every now and then, I receive some comforting words which really make my day. Thanks friends! :)

So, in times like these, it helps to continuously have hope and faith that things will be better.