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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Know What You Want

"It does not matter if you are an outsider or insider. What matters is you know what you want and you go get it."

Quoted beautifully by the protagonist in The Fast & Furious 3 that I watched for free today. Never had any quote resemble myself so closely now. Being in a country other than your own, it is not always a bed of roses. People do treat me like an outsider sometimes the moment you mention you are a Malaysian working in Singapore. The other day I was taking a taxi home and the moment the taxi driver knows that I am a Malaysian, he told me how the unemployment rate is increasing in Singapore due to the influx of foreigners like us to their country. He told of how his poor son could not get a job that commensurate with his qualifications and as a result had to study Masters in Australia.

It really is not our fault to be taking their "rice bowl". We are given the opportunity to work in their country as we are cheaper labor and having them pay us the same salary in numeric value as Malaysia, we are alr getting a lot. Singaporeans would never have accepted the level of salary most foreigners are given here. Win-win situation ain't it?

The Sg govt do not realise the criticality of the situation as they might be harming their own people by offering jobs that can easily be done by Singaporeans to foreigners. They only think of how foreigners can help improve their economy by cutting cost and even offer PR to many of them.

As for me, I am still benefitting from this situation until the government controls the situation better. I am learning faster and better here with the right work attitude and work system, plus I am getting opportunities that I would not have not gotten back home. There is truly a reason why Singapore is more advanced than Malaysia and you have to be here to know it. It does not suit everyone though but I am in the restless mode of being able to take the challenge right now. Like what the actor said, "I know what I want and I will get it" :)

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Brand Called You

What is conjured when I mention Paris Hilton, Donald Trump, Martha Steward and Bill Gates? They are all icons in their own fields. Trump being the property magnet, Martha the homekeeping queen, Paris Hilton the ever glamorous puss nd Bill Gates, the visionary technologist, they have ventured out and make a name for themselves in other areas by banking on their popularity. They have enhanced their personal value so much so that they are now worth millions.

Few years ago when I started working, I focused on executing all my tasks in the right timeframes. As my skill enhances, I can now concentrate on building my personal branding. Ask yourself these questions:

  • How do your close friends describe you to their friends?
  • How do your colleagues describe you to their friends?
  • How do your client describe you to their friends?

When you live your life, you live your brand. I have established myself in the area of telecommunications and writing so that people can associate me to the only female blogger who writes abt telecommunications in Asia. Later, you will see how I will extend my brand to entrepreneurship and social contributions so that I can make a positive impact to the society. When your brand speaks for itself, you can consider your brand successful.

These are steps to create your personal branding.

  1. Discover: Determine who you are and what your strengths are so you know what promises you can make.
  2. Design: Determine who your audience are so that you know to whom you will make the promise to.
  3. Deploy: How you will execute your brand and when you will fulfill the promise.
  4. Deal: How you live up to the promise you make.

Look at the questions you can ask yourself here.

Never have branding been more important than now. It is not how skillful you are, but how you are perceived in the eyes of the interviewer or people you associate with everyday. Start by introducing yourself not as the organization you are working for or the job role you are holding. Think abt your strength, passion and how you want others to think of you. Create a brand you can be proud of.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Jealousy is the Worst Medicine

My friend’s husband received a birthday card from his former girlfriend. Well, since she did such a nice gesture and remembered his birthday, will it be wrong for him to call her to say "Thanks" with the conversation ending up with an invitation for drinks? Besides, had she not sent him the birthday card, would he have remembered she exists. Besides, it is only a harmless drink 1 time.

So, as a wife, how would you feel? A tinge of jealousy? Will your heart cringe with the mere mention of her name? Will you be forcing yourself to tell your head over and over again that it is a simple drink and nothing will happen? What if he comes home late? Will you question him on what took him so long? Why would he have not invited you along in the first place? The conversation might go like this:

Wife: Wow, you guys had a lot to catch up huh? (with some cynical tone)
Husband: What do you mean by that?
W: Well, it took an awfully long time for a drink. Come to think of it I have never had such a long drink with you since we got married.
H: Are you accusing me of something?
W: No, but what do you expect me to think? You could have done so much in that 3 hours!
H: See, I told you that you will not trust me if I do go out with her. So, why did you allow me to meet her in the first place?
W: I knew that you wanted to even if I had disallowed it.

This would have gone on….but in matters of trust, can you ever trust enough? If you do not trust your husband, your marriage is doomed. But if you trust your husband too much, would he have taken the opportunity to roam elsewhere freely?

If I were to reverse the situation to a husband allowing his wife to meet his ex-bf or ex-crush, would it have been the same? I believe male tend to not think so much and trust their wife more. Else, why would he have married her in the first place? Well, but I doubt the male don’t feel jealous at all just that they are able to control it better and not suspect until he really see evidence. So, the conversation will turn like this:

H: So, how were drinks?
W: Great, we caught up on lots of things. He was so funny, blah, blah, blah,
H: Good (and continues watching television)
If you don’t agree, comment here :)

Monday, July 17, 2006

Put Yourself in Zidane’s shoes (or head for that matter)

What would you do if someone insulted your family, esp someone who is already not in this world? What if he insulted you at the time when you are most tensed and agitated? What if he insulted you right in front of the whole world? Would you have done what Zidane did? Would you head-butt him in the chest if you head is hard enough?

It is Zidane’s last match after years of playing the World Cup and it is such a pity that his career ended with a wrong move. But who is to determine that the move is indeed WRONG!?? Would you have done the same in the same situation. Zidane has been known as someone who is calm and level-headed, but even the calmest person has his/her boundaries. So, with that one move, he had bequethed France from the throne called the World Cup 2006 that only happens once every 4 years. But everything happens for a reason. (For me to win my World Cup bet :P)

I doubt I would do the same in that situation but I was not in it. Things are easy to say when you are not part of it. Just think, it is easy to complain of what Zidane did was wrong esp if you were betting big money for France until one day someone insults your bereaved mother over and over again. Also, it is easy to complain of the state of the country until the day you step into the Prime Minister’s shoes and wake up to multiple problems heralding you: former Prime Ministers mocking you, world leaders asking you to help in their under-development, politicians politicking among themselves, wars & terrorism erupting all around the world and the police force ganging up to go against you. So, always remember to stop complaining and try understanding the situation before judging.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Italy won World Cup 2006!

For the World Cup 2002, we supported Italy. When they lost, disappointed but not deterred, we walked away with hopes that there will be other opportunities. 4 years later, Italy won the World Cup 2006! And till this year, I & my boyfriend held our belief and unknowingly supported the same team. We did not know until after the match when we both reported how happy we were that Italy won and that is when I felt a sense of harmony with him. That despite all adversities, we still hang on to what we loyally believe in.

My friend beside me was betting with her bf as they were supporting different teams and however entertaining it was to see them banter in a friendly manner, I would not hope to be at odd ends with my partner. I would never dream of taking my bf’s money even if I won. Maybe if we bet on something else, I would not mind. But as a couple, we work together to increase our funds which I hope will grow enormously for our family n children one day. Yep, small challenges like betting with each other make relationships exciting but big compromises and harmony like ours, I hope will make relationships last.

So, for making it all happen, Italy for my honeymoon? Right now, I can only dream. ;)

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Could the Other One Be the ONE?

This person finishes all your sentences, he/she laughs at your jokes, he/she makes you shine with radiance, he/she makes you laugh despite all adversities. He/she IS your soulmate, your confidante, your sunlight, your candle. Problem is she is not your current partner.

Have you ever asked yourself this question: "What if I am not with who I am right now, would I be with him/her? Would I have led a happier, more exciting and colourful life? What if I take the plunge, leave my current lover and be with my soulmate? Would he/she still be my soulmate 3, 5 or even more than 10 years down the road?"

Then ask yourself again this question: "Would you miss your current lover if you leave him/her for the other person? Would you feel the same passion with your soulmate once he/she becomes your partner? Would you feel guilty if you were to take the plunge? Often times, things seem attractive before you attain it. The challenge is in the chase. Would you feel the same after you have attained? If yes, then I suggest you go for it. Else, don’t take the risk. You might have just forgotten how much love, happiness, trust and understanding you have shared with your current partner as you are side tracked by something new, fresh and exciting in your life. But then again, maybe not? ;)

If you have this questions burning your mind, watch "Closer". Great movie, good plot, nice looking cast. A movie about four strangers and their chance meetings, instant attractions and casual betrayals. In this movie, Jude Law was constraining himself until he met Natalie Portman who changed him. He became himself and started to live his dreams. He became someone who took chances to the point of betraying Natalie Portman’s love and later leaving her for Julia Roberts who was more of his ideal partner. What are the consequences of him following his heart and not caring for responsibilities? You have to watch this to know especially if you have encountered the same situation.

Maybe it is worth the risk. Just like what Jude Law said – "I am your stranger. Jump!"