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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

He Never Complained

A poor little rich kid. That's what I called him. He stays in the poshest area in Malaysia close to the mansions of doctors and corporals. His bungalow has the garden the size of a basketball field. His father drove an old Volvo and his mother a brand new Honda. However, all these belonged to his family.

He however did not have a car. He did not even own a watch and used a small Teddy bear with a digital clock to watch the time. It must have been a toy given to him when he was young. He wore shoes older than your house cos it has so many holes in them and barely any soles. Yet he still proudly declared he has wearable shoes. I should have gotten him those as presents while I still could. He carried a knapsack so old it could have been used when he was still schooling. Yet he never failed to acknowledge that he can still carry his books to college. He never complained when my cooking sucks cos he knew I took a lot of effort to cook for him. He didn't say anything when he could not find anything on his table after I organized the mess on his table. He did not say a word when he found out I had an affair with one of his friend when we endeavored a long distance relationship. He just wanted me to be back by his side. He didn't complain even though he could. Instead he found blessings in what he has. He knew that he loves me and cherished me for that. That is just who he is.

I'm sorry I complained so much about you that I had to end the relationship. I'm full of regret that I didn't cherish you when I had the chance to. Now I left you wandering alone without a chance for me to apologize.


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Please Give Me a Duration of Music by Jay Chou

This music is an inspiration for me to write a poem below:

Do you remember the times when you wrote me notes at the back of the class
It resonates the sounds of love between the both of us
Lyrics of love songs that we both enjoy

Do you remember the times when we both blast loud music from the car
And sing like there is no tomorrow
'Cos we both sang to the same tune of love

Do you remember the times when you went out of your comfort zone to wrap me a present
It was the most horrible present wrapping I had ever seen
But I appreciated the wrapping more than what was inside

Do you remember the times when I baked you a birthday cake for the first time
It was so hard that people thought it was a pizza
Yet you still ate it like it was the best cake you ever tasted

Do you remember when we celebrated our Valentine in a slide under a rain cos I didn't want to go to a restaurant
Yet you didn't whine and told me something I will never forget
It is not how you celebrate it, it is who you celebrate it with

Do you remember all the qualms and arguments we went through
'Cos we both stopped accepting each others' flaws
And it just went from bad to worse
That was went we both know it had to end
But why are you still in my dreams every night

And here is the lyrics to the song, beautifully written and composed as usual by my fav, Jay Chou

Please Give Me a Duration of Music
The rain soaked the blue, in a thorough way
YOu said you dont understand, why we are together now
My stillness died out, the impulse of regret
I prefer a mistake over nothing
Together is dream, severance is pain
Does this suggest, endless dream will cause the most pain
To lose one's way, that I cant take
This last door out would show if love comes upon

Please give me a duration of music
And turn that into embrace into eternality
With my embrace there is no imsomnia
Ifd you want to forget I would do that with you too
Pls give me a durationof jusic
Listen to my story before you say Goodbye
The tears with me let them stay with the rain
Through the stroke you made, I established my end of courage

Repeat from top

Please don't say you love me in a time like this
How can it be proven that I don't have the strength to lie
Please anyone, tell me now, is a pause the same as giving up
I only possess a day of recall

Repeat chorus

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