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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Honeymoon in Eastern Europe

This is a blog I have been procrastinating to write for a long time. But here it is finally. My honeymoon in end 2009, the end of a beautiful string of events that led to the wedding and the beginning of a life together as husband and wife. And we chose Europe simply for the fact that we both love to see sceneries and beautiful architecture rather than lounging by the beach getting a tan or going to crowded cities to shop which we already do every other weekend anyway.

So, Eastern Europe we decided and the countries we chose are Germany (Munich, Nuremberg, Rotternburg), Austria (Vienna, Salzburg, Innsbruck), Prague in Chech Republic and Budapest in Hungary. Quite simply, we were awed by the mesmerizing words depicting how postcard perfect the sceneries in those countries are and the wonderfully lighted Christmas markets that don all parts of the countries we visited. So, we braved ourselves to go through the snow and below zero degree temperature just to spend 14 days without any work, relatives or friends around us in a relatively foreign land. And boy, were we not disappointed by our choices. So, to make things simple, below are the elements that made our honeymoon. As they say, pictures paint a thousand words.

Snow-capped mountains in Innsbruck

All varieties of breads you can ever imagine and never thought could have existed

Gothic, barouque and gorgeous churches that all looked the same after 10 churches

Decadent palaces full of histories of their inhabitants

Amazingly gorgeous and grandeur palaces

The real story of The Sound of Music in Salzburg

The must see classical music by Mozart and Bach in Salzburg

Beautifully, endless lighted streets in Vienna

The magical Crystal World of Swarovski in Innsbruck

Quirky statues that line the streets and people in Bratisclava

Christmas carols on Christmas Eve performed from the Golden Roof in Innsbruck

Christmas markets with all varieties of bratswurtz, wooden decos and chocolate coated everything!

Snow, snow and more snow!

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Photo Moments from Europe Trip

I haven't have the time to blog about my honeymoon in Europe which still remains my best and longest holiday to date. But stay tuned as it is coming soon. However, I am uploading some beautiful photos that are symbolic of the trip. One in Prague and the other in Venice. The best part is one of the best photographer in Singapore called Willy Foo created similar photo moments as what my husband took. Proves that my husband has a keen eye for photography. See the comparison here:

This is Willy Foo's version of the train station in Prague

We were not that fortunate to capture the photo of a kissing couple against this beautiful backdrop but the photo of a speeding train seems not too bad also.

This is Willy Foo's version of the reflection of the Basilica in Hungary against someone's sunglasses.

This is our version when we were in Venice.

I like this one better cos it has the reflection of the photographer and his camera, none other than my hubby. We did not see Willy's photos before we capture these, thus it is a surprise to see photographers having the same type of eye for details.

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