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Thursday, September 27, 2007

What Makes You Happy?

People spend too little time appreciating what they have and too much time complaining about what they don't have. So below are the list of simple things that makes me happy:

  1. Knowing you have ice-cream in the fridge waiting for you.
  2. Getting a smile from a little baby
  3. Knowing you have just eaten good food without planning for it.
  4. Getting coupons for free shows, treatments or meals.
  5. Knowing people are saying nice things about you behind your back.
  6. Knowing you have a trip to look forward to.
  7. Knowing you helped someone and made their lives better.
  8. Knowing you have a buy-in due to an unexpected connection.
  9. Creating a nice website or blog.
  10. Buying a nice top or jewellery for yourself
  11. Seeing the sunrise
  12. Getting good comments on my blog or photos I took.
  13. Getting compliments.
  14. Getting presents/souvenirs.
  15. Having friends that listen and bitch with you.
  16. Getting acknowledgements from clients
  17. Knowing it is a Sunday and u can just sleep in a little.
  18. Seeing a nice photo of yourself. :)
  19. Hearing good news of your friends, getting good offers, married, etc.
  20. Knowing you have a dinner date after work.
  21. Knowing you have solved/launched something at the most critical hour.
  22. Knowing your team is willing to fight with you.
  23. Sharing good ideas and strategies.
  24. Seeing someone taking a kind-hearted action.
  25. Seeing smiles on a couple's face.
  26. Seeing a full moon on Mooncake festival
  27. Knowing that Chinese New Year is around the corner.
  28. Knowing that you have someone to call when you are down.
  29. Seeing photos of your friend's/relative's child.
  30. Getting enough sleep after a few sleepless nights.
  31. Someone wishes you 'Good Day', as though it will make the whole day better.
  32. Watching a feel-good movie.
  33. Getting inspired by a person, movie or book.
  34. Knowing what you want.
  35. Getting your dreams come true.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I Now Write for CNet Asia

With such a crazy schedule, I forgot to mention that I am now a small fish in the pool of freelancers for CNet Asia writing commentaries on digital cameras. Yikes! You heard me right. Digital camera, something I have absolutely no idea on, let alone to write about it. It was a good task though, it allowed me to look at a camera at a different angle and with more focus on each functions and how they affect the photos. Some guys would say that this is a dream job to be able to play with digital cameras every week but it's not easy when all you know using a digital camera is point, shoot and the occasional zoom and preview. Anyway, it was fun to get the article out from the point of view of an amateur.

The best part is all these opportunities came just because I took a bit of time out of my busy schedule despite how sleepy I am to write reviews and a bit on my personal rantings. And this made me a mini-writer. When I recommended someone else to my CNet friend as I know of so many more guys who know how to use the digital camera better than me, the next question is 'Does he write?' or 'Show me his blog'. Well, I know a lot of people who can actually write, just that they are too lazy to put pen to paper or in this case, keyboards to blogs. As for me, having a blog pays off after all. :)


Sunday, September 23, 2007

Cruise Dinner for the launch of Fleet Broadband

While celebrities of the tv world are strutting down the red carpet in anticipation of the Emmy Awards, I was walking down my own red carpet towards a cruise ship for the launch of a new broadband on ship organised by Stratos. The ship named Cheng Ho was docked at Marina Pier, its red exterior glenaning in front of the setting sun. Dragons adorned its fronts protecting the ship from any harm and danger. It is 3-storeys high with the top floor being opened for the pasengers to bask in the sunlight or moonlight while out at sea. Fitting almost 150 people, with pillars blocking the sight of the presentation, this ship might not be the most ideal place for a presentation but the glory of launching a new product on a ship supercedes it all. Having dinner on a ship is by itself a great way of opening a conversation, Hey, where are u now? On a ship in the middle of nowhere having dinner.

The event started with a presentation on how the Fleet Broadband works on a ship. For those who are not familiar with the maritime industry, yes, there is NO broadband on ship, how do these people survive, u may ask? Yes, all this while those who work on ships survive on mere emails and reading newspapers. U don’t even get cable tv on ships.

So, this company called Stratos is here to change all that by being the reseller of Immarsat's new Satellite phone service to be made available all over Middle East, Africa and the APAC. It is a dual mode phone that supports voice and data over both satellite and GSM networks (900 MHz only). It is exciting to be part of this launch which culminates to a conference on Digital Ship to be organized in Suntec Convention Hall, Singapore. I will not have the chance to attend the conference as I am not in the industry but it was fun and exciting to be part of the industry for a while.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Thailand: Learnings from Biz Trip in Bangkok

People tell me there is a huge gap between the rich and the poor in Thailand just like in Indonesia but when I was there on a biz trip last week, I did not feel it. Maybe it was the people I was with who were able to buy BMW and Mercedes at the level of managerial positions when in Malaysia you would still find managers driving a meagre Honda or Toyota. In a country where pay can be as low as USD1 per hour, no wonder the prices of goods are so cheap here as compared to goods in Malaysia(which I feel has already reached an inflation level) and Singapore. For example, I can buy a filling meal of noodles in their traditional tom yum kung at less than SGD1.50 which is incredibly cheap for me but for them it could already hurt their wallets. I could even get ice-cream at less than half the price I buy in SG and big bowls of dessert at less than SGD1 which alr fills me up without any meal.

Prices for movie tickets can be obtained at less than SGD4 for normal purchases and taxis are usually less then SGD5 for a long journey of about more than 25 km. While I was laughing at how cheap the goods are, most people there must have been trawling their way through life enjoying only what is necessary.

What I like about Thai culture is their politeness, sincererity and compassion. People here speaks in such a gentle manner than one would think they will never swear ad shout. The girls here are pretty and docile but that does not mean that they are not strong and not capable of standing up for themselves.

Nowhere in the world have I seen a country who respected and worshipped their King so much. Not the government but the king. I was fortunate to be able to watch the National Swing Ceremony in Thailand whereby despite limping on his legs, he made the effort to walk the red carpet to officiate the ceremony in trembling legs all by himself. His daughter, the venerable princess has done various charity just like he did to the people of his country was there with him too. People in Thailand wears yellow shirt every Monday even in meetings. Most of them has a chain with the symbil of King adorning their neck. In country like ours, we only care to wear diamonds and stones around our neck.

This is the country that introduced me to the concept of moderation called sufficiency economy. This is potrayed through cartoon characters called The Issarapattanas who have the freedom of choice and lives in moderation and The Ruaythavornyings who are the victims of consumerism, resulting in overspending, overeating and derive satisfaction from chasing after materials which they think will fulfill them. It is a simple yet fun way to allow people to review their lives within the scope of His Majesty the King's sufficiency economy philosophy, Buddhism's Middle Path and the Five Precepts that are deeply rooted in Thai culture. Since the Vietnam war, when the influx of money into Thailand brought a taste of wealth, the drive of money and fear of poverty started to replace old sources of happiness. values stating those without money are without worth or happiness. Wealth started to outweigh all other admired virtues. At present, Thai society (and every other society as well in this regard) readily succumbs to the allure of money and the consumerist herd mentality. Lacking individuality, it is a less reflective society. With this cartoon, it aims to change that with messages deeply rooted in the conversations between the neighbours. Wouldn't it be nice if the cartoon is translated and shown here as well? The consumerist mentality prevails even clearer in developed countries like Singapore and Hong Kong where the chase of material wealth is more important than sirituality and individuality. This can be seen in people who crave for the latest fashion to wear, to be seen in cool hangout joints and eat in expensive eateries thinking that all this will increase their self-worth. What happened to your soul? Thai gave me a taste of spirituality and moderation. That could be closer to a fulfilled life than you think.